Oh my god pistachios

MS_Paint_Guy just started yesterday, and he’s still pretty underground. It probably takes ages to sketch this stuff in MS Paint, but it all comes out shittier than Shitty_Watercolor. And “make it look shitty” is classic internet aesthetic. I’m guessing he gets “noticed” on Reddit later this week, on the blogs by Monday, has his own subreddit next Friday, a week later he starts doing all of Slacktory’s above-headline images. What’s with those things?

Let’s see MS_Paint_Guy’s best hits so far. There… there are two. Two of four total pictures.

User T0NY_W0NDER said: “When life gives you AIDS, make lemonAIDS.” MS_Paint_Guy replied:

FloobLord commented on a story about someone getting pistachios for Christmas, saying “In her defense, pistachios are awesome.” MS_Paint_Guy illustrated:

Reactions have been mixed, so MS_Paint_Guy only has 135 comment karma for his four drawings. WILL IT GO VIRAL? WILL THERE BE A BUZZFEED POST?

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