Mort Walker is off in a stone cottage, leading us through his three-panel Beetle Bailey comics, explaining each one. It’s like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s literal DVD commentary for Total Recall. Plus it demonstrates that every strip could be just two panels. Why is someone taking this poor old man through this charade?

September 11, 1969: Mort describes a story that doesn’t really even happen in the comic, then laughs at his own punchline.

Oh yes, also, there are re-contextualized Popeye and Flash Gordon clips after each commentary. LOL RANDOM, guys.

September 1, 1954: Mort reveals deep character motivations behind sight gags.

June 9, 1951: The Arnold-est of the explanations. This was the annoying “cake is a lie” meme of its time.

August 10, 1959: Mort hints that he knows he’s sucking straw on an empty milkshake cup here.

May 19, 1969: OK, this joke is pretty good.

February 25, 1964: Mort is making shit up again.

December 6, 1965: Mort gets dark.

April 20, 1975: I inordinately hate the narrator for the sloppy Popeye joke at the end. “A full recovery is expected” is what you say about one person, not about an epidemic. This is an over-the-line bad joke.

Via: Connor Ratliff

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