I don’t wanna be too “Howard Beale in Network” about this because (a) I’m about to spend another day throwing up blog posts every two hours and (b) in Network, Howard Beale is about as revolutionary as calling 7-UP “the un-cola”. But goddamn if Chris Menning isn’t saying some beautiful things on Modern Primate (owned by the same people who own Slacktory) right now.

First he talks to his cat about whether to blog that Aaron Sorkin supercut:

Do you think I should post it on Modern Primate?

- Why?

Well I’ve seen it on The Daily What, Reddit, and BuzzFeed. It’s what’s trending. It’s a big viral hit that everybody’s talking about.

- Are they though? What are they saying about it?

Just that he’s not that creative or original, and that the video is entertaining and you should watch it.

- And what do you have to add to the conversation?

Just that he’s not that creative or original, and that the video is entertaining and you should watch it.

Then he goes and pastes up a sarcastically lowest-common-denominator mish-mash of moving and “LOL WTF u guise” images without attribution in an obvious-to-the-ten-of-us-who-track-this-shit-for-a-living parody of BuzzFeed’s recent fucking juggernaut of a list, “21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity”.

Look, on the one hand, there is something shoddy and kinda gross about BuzzFeed’s lists. But is it because BuzzFeed is being shitty? Or because we feel shitty clicking on this and reading it instead of living our lives? And because we feel like shit for not bothering to read further into these stories? (Which, by the way, isn’t that bad of a thing because we can’t all read every interesting story of someone else’s well-lived life.)

And on the other hand, BuzzFeed doesn’t just post bullshit like this. They actually break some political news! They have a great tech section! Even this set of slowed-down computer sounds is a pretty valid aesthetic creation!

But back on the first hand, if you’re not part of a large media outlet like BuzzFeed, craftily grabbing photos from the entire internet and slapping them together with 10-point italicized links to the sources, then it feels like you can’t make a living writing the good shit that BuzzFeed subsidizes with the lowest-common-denominator shit.

Which is frustrating, when you do see talented, smart creators succeeding all around you, but ten times that many going widely unknown, and you’re still not sure which group you’ll end up in. And I have a lot of feelings about this, that only the aforementioned ten-of-us might at all share!

So it’s pretty exciting to watch Chris explore that, until we both get shut down because our blogs don’t have enough 41 REGRETTABLY TACKY PHOTOS OF FAMOUS PEOPLE.

Photo stolen from a forum that stole it from Elena Steier

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