Krispy Kreme cries in inspirational speech

This is the new “Thumbs Up for Rock and Roll!” Krispy Kreme, amazing back-country rapper, gives a tearful speech about how to chase your dreams and never give up, but like think twice if your dream is to be an astronaut, and don’t get a girl pregnant.

He really breaks down in this. Krispy, who might be less of a comedy act than I thought, has over 7 million views on the eight videos he’s released in the last month. He’s wildly achieving his dream. He’s damn well earned the right to cry while encouraging everyone else to work on their dreams too. There should be a warning like NSFW but for crying: “Warning, you might end up blubbering and whispering ‘I’ll commit to my dreams, Krispy Kreme. I’ll do it for you.’”

Krispy Kreme is the baddest of them all, yes. Goddamn I hope  he makes it big. I hope he’s on Kimmel, I hope he gets a record deal or a Kickstarter, I hope we all get Krispy for years.

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  • Elliot

    …this is CLEARLY an extension of the joke.

    You are super bad at reading emotions.

    • BOSS

       ^douche Dr. Elliot Douche D.B.

    • Laura Muncy

      …this is CLEARLY a very drunk white boy.


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