Krispy Kreme's best friend Money Mike

In the third song from intentionally-bad country-nerd rapper Krispy Kreme, he sings about rescuing his best friend Money Mike from a kidnapping.

This track’s got narrative, ambitious photography, and an R.I.P. shout-out. As Jay Hathaway told me: “‘Best Friends’ : Krispy Kreme :: ‘Niggas Bleed’ : Biggie. This is clearly an evolution.”

The best lyric: “James and Mike had beef last week, ’cause James ran over Mike’s bike with his Jeep.”

Here’s Krispy talking about the making of the video, and about himself. He says he was influenced by Tupac and that he wants to make a song about his mom:

I still can’t decide whether it’s more awesome if Krispy is just playing a character, or if he’s really this ridiculous. Obviously either way, he’s hard-working and hilarious, so it’s not like either option ruins the fun.

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