Everything but Rap and Country label

Satellite High is a funny Twitter guy. He’s also a progressive hip-hop artist. One of his tracks is named “Who the Philip Glass of This Rap Shit?” And he’s putting out a casette-only album on IndieGoGo, under the label name “Everything but Rap & Country Recording Co.”

It’s ten bucks for the tape, $25 with a bonus track, $50 for “a completely unique one-of-a-kind cassette which will contain a good chunk of music that may or may not be rap, but WILL be previously unreleased, and totally one-of-a-kind.”

Haha, sounds awful, right? Or maybe it’ll be fucking amazing, and if you don’t put it on the internet it’ll be this special music that only a handful of us own, and then we can write teasingly about it, hinting at its contents like our own personal Noodle Incident. And that smug secrecy is what I’m paying fifty fucking dollars for. Join me.

  • Satellite High

    for the record, this is also an investment in the future of a cool label run by a weird dude (me) that will release all sort of strange (and more affordable) music in the future. this is a fundraising campaign to get the equipment needed to get shit off the ground but from here on out it’s smooth sailing and many artists’ music will be released in weird packages with strange things inside

    thanks man you rock!

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