I Miss Drugs - man with throw pillow

God, I just say the words “web show” and already you’re like “I guess I can get back to work,” right? I wish web shows had to go before a board, and the board was made of Larry David, Louis C.K., and Lena Dunham, and if none of them went “ennhhhhh” and cocked their heads like “This is what you brought to us? We have actual entertainment to go do,” then you got a certification.

Well we don’t have that, so for now I am that board, and a Slacktory blog post is that certification, and holy Christ listen to me try to build myself up like Slacktory is some fucking Approval Matrix.

Watch this video if you understand what truly high praise it is to say “this didn’t make me cringe on behalf of its creator, at all.”

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  • Sarge

    that was awesome

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