Superman Bizarro Reddit alien

I had an idea recently, for a way to make your “bizarro Reddit subscriptions”. It’s an app, I guess? A web app? It’d look at your list of Reddit subscriptions and offer you the opposite. Instead I will just make a list.

gaming / camping
awww / nosleep
gonewild / nofap
pics / books
bestof / ShitRedditSays
shutupandtakemymoney / randomactsofpizza
firstworldproblems / fifthworldproblems
apple / microsoft
TheoryofReddit / circlejerk
pickle / banana
happy / fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu
trees / jobs
Lego / Minecraft
vegan / bacon
science / art
fitness / StarCraft
Music / dubstep
4chan / 9GAG
TwoXChromosomes / mensrights
atheism / christianity+islam+buddhism+theology
EarthPorn / MachinePorn
TodayILearned / ShittyHub

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