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Do you have any idea how easy it is to find teenagers hilariously/upsettingly saying they hate their mothers? These 30 kids and teens bitched out their moms publicly on Facebook.






























Researched using Openbook.

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  • maango89

    my mom is such a bitch! im not alowed to go on youtube and she took away all miah electronics! i ucken wish you were dead!!!

    • Peregrinne Dewhurst


  • Katia

    My mom is a bitch,she don’t let I do anything I want in that fucking house.Fuck you mom.

  • thatguy15

    my moms is such a bitch she always complains and cant control her emotions I think of committing suicide just to get away from her.

    • Nick
      • Flicka

        My mom is a fucking bitch y won’t she just get me a email account

    • life is beautiful;)

      And the you will go to hell. Good job bro.
      Instead just wait until you will grow up and just go get a new life and forget about her, but don’t kill your self, cause killing is a crime and a sin that will lead you to hell
      And you will burn in flames for eternity just because of your mum ?!
      Go get a new life, and forget about her this is the best thing to do.

    • Torra

      My mom made me want this too I tried so many times I’m 17 year old girl then realized why let this bitch ruin my life now I’m happy cause I ignore her and find other things to make joy in my life and remember I can and will leave her you do same Ok

  • Anthony

    I hate my mom

  • Mom Hater

    i hate my mom. she has SERIOUS issues with her siblings and mother-in-law, which i dont blame her for, but she takes her anger out on me and by brother and my dad

  • punk rocker

    @thatguy15 me too man. I either think about killing myself, or killing her. I just want her out of my life forever

    • IHateMyMom

      i already committed suicide because of her…. I HATE HER SO MUCH!!!!

      • meee!!!!!

        then how are you writing this?

  • sadman

    my mom took away my xbox

  • Lily

    My mom yells at me because im sick. When I needed advice from her she said she was too busy on facebook to talk to me. She spent a lot of momey on her new phone when she couldve bought me clothes that actually fit me

  • kappa torpa

    damn why u no steal no food and go have ya own life???

  • joan may

    bad daugther not deserving in this world l

  • joan may

    with out your mother you not hre in this world

    • IHateMyMom

      you are si kill-joy… people here are hating their mom’s and all you can say is this? although its true…. but WTF!?

      • sanjana

        even i do hate my mom a lottttt ! just wanna die to get away from her , i never know even though there are so many in the world why i was born to this one i hate i hate i hate her she is the worst dirty i have to invent a new language to say about her

    • niceunluckygirl

      Well, I guss this is the source of some wish they were dead…
      Besides, it is very stupid of the bitch and inconsiderable to bring someone into the world and make the whole life experience so miserable for him.
      So think before you speak you f**k head!@@&!!!

      • Peregrinne Dewhurst

        My mom is a mentally and emotionally abusive, selfish woman, but I try to view it from her side. She was never raised properly, her marriage fell apart, and she’s providing for three kids by herself. Even after all the harm she’s done she still puts food on the table, keeps a roof over our heads, and provides for utilities costs. I have every reason to hate her but I don’t. You’re only putting yourself at a disadvantage when you hate anyone, let alone your parents. Grudges are black holes that set you up for a lifetime of misery if you choose to keep them — and they are always a choice.

        It’s best to forgive, if not for the benefit of your perceived “enemy”, then for your own well-being. Maybe then you can start enjoying your life instead of wishing you had never been born? I seriously doubt that when you were conceived, your mom was cackling like a witch and rubbing her hands in excitement thinking of all the pain your existence would bring with it. Obviously she’s done something right that you’re alive at this point. YOUR happiness is not HER responsibility. It’s not anyone’s responsibility but your own. No offense, but you have a lot of growing up to do there. I hope one day you’ll see the light.

        • Zhinonym

          Just because your life is ruined, it doesnt give you the right to ruin another’s life, especially your child.
          Actually, I wish my “Mother” would be the one to see the light, because all the years of abusing experience had given me “vision” to see the future and to see how the world actually is, and not how she wants me to see the world as.
          I just hate people who tries to control other people’s life all the time, even went to the length of telling her child that she’s their “God.”



  • Kevin

    I hate my mom so much. Always complaining what I do & never do.

  • Flicka

    U gyes r rite some moms are real biches and d****

  • nilu

    i hate my mom she doesnt believe me and talks badly behind me.. she hates me.. she is always partial

    • Never mind

      If she hates you don’t hate her just let it go and forget about it cause it is a sin to hate, so let her be sinning alone and never do the same mistakes that she does.

  • Nikki

    I hate my mom she only cares about herself and yells at me all the time

  • Anonymous1987

    Okay, so I searched “I hate my mom” because I REALLY hate her right now, but after seeing this I thought about it, I have moments where I really hate my mom, she doesn’t care about us, so why did she bring us into this world? I think to myself “Why did you even have me if you’re just gonna be a bitch to your own children?” Then I remember that we all have those moments. The moments we fight with our parents, because they do things we don’t like or not letting us do what we wanna do, then wishing we were never born, and even wishing they died. Then you remember all the good times you’ve had with them, laughing together, telling jokes together. So even though I hate my mom A LOT right now, I’m not gonna say I love her, but I don’t hate her enough to wish she died. Sometimes your mom may be the only person there for you. I know this is really cheesy and all, and I know no one is really gonna read this or care, but you know, I just had to get this out of my system.

    • qwertyuiop

      I did the exact same thing

      • Bridgette

        OMG i just did the same thing too… wow I didn’t know so many people googled up their feelings..

    • Oedipus

      If my mom’s the only person there for me, then I’m fucking screwed.

    • Umaima

      Yeah. I literally just wrote in google ‘I hate my Mom’ So, I can relate to what you’ve said. :) But I’m still Mad at her.

    • Terra

      My mom tells me all the time that she hates me. She calls me an ungrateful bi***. She says that i ruin her life. She said she just wants to kill me to take her and myself out of misery. Yet she does literally nothing for me. She doesn’t feed me, she doesn’t give me a bed, my dad does all of that. She think shes in control because we live in her dad’s house. I just don’t understand why she isn’t alone. She thinks the world revolves around her. She brought my great grandmother and my grandmother to live with us even though she has three kids and we already didn’t have enough room but when my dad wanted his mom to move in she said no. She yells all the time and she never notices when we do anything good. She only notices the bad stuff. And she will get mad at anything. She’ll get mad if she doesn’t like the way your standing. And i have nowhere to go. Her and my dad live together and are about to get married, and my dad’s mom is crazy as sh** (literally). My dad doesn’t want me to go back to me aunts house because she wants me to keep her kids every second of the day and those are literally the only places i have to go. Im just waiting for her to hit me so i can call child protective services and have them take me away. My mom has had issues in the past with hitting my sisters and having child protective services threaten to take us away. Shes only been through that twice but there have been times when she gave my sisters black eyes and bruises and made them bleed that child protective services don’t know about. The only reason not dead is because of my dad. He believes in me and my future.

      • RailGuns

        I Truly agree.My dad is the only person who made my life feel good.No one can replace my dad.

    • Remiah

      True there

    • baloney132xxx

      ugh if all parents cared abot their kids why are so many getting abused duhhh

  • jackie

    I hate my mom mostly for being so rude to my 4 year old brother, my dad, and I. When my dad apologized to her for something, you know what she said? she said that he should have apologized a long time ago and that he is always so mean to her. b*itch he didn’t do anything. and whenever somebody gets hurt she’s like “it’s your own damn fault now clean up the mess you’ve made.” and she once yelled at my brother for falling off the bed. I really hate her. she’s away in california now to visit her family and i’ve never been more happy.

  • hi

    I seriously hate my mom. She is this biggest bitch ever. She doesn’t seem to understand I need my privacy. She could get mad at me over nothing. She bitched me off because someone took my tv remote and she wanted it, she scattered threw my room. My mom also swears at me for no reason. I seriously have no one. She thinks she can choose my friends or make my decisions she won’t even let me eat healthier because she doesn’t want to. Everyone in my family hates me, my mom just made me consider suicide. I’m cutting this very moment, all because of her, my scars are pretty deep. So now that I’ve let this all out, I have to go bandage myself and then drink some bleach.

    • Peregrinne Dewhurst


    • asdfjn

      honey, calm down man. I get you hate her but don’t commit suicide cause someone else treated you badly. Seriously. Don’t ruin your life – #YOLO if you die, then you can’t even say yolo anymore.. because you don’t even have a life anymore. lol

  • Ange

    I hate my mom, she’s really annoying and selfish. Whenever I am reading a novel or school textbook, she will start to complain about me never go out and socialise, and whenever I ask her to drive me to my friend’s house to socialise, she will start to complain about me always going out and waste all of her money on something useless like buying novels and books about Science and Maths. Also, when I asked her whether she could buy me a new laptop, any laptop that would work properly, she would say that she’s so poor and tell me to use this really old laptop she bought in 2005, but she could afford this new blackberry z10.

    • Torra

      Wow I’m 17 girl and my mom didn’t buy my laptop,clothes,get my hair done or give me good food I have to do it myself and she complains treats .me like crap I never drink or do drugs or sneak out and get good grades and she treats me like a trouble child I was suicidal in 7th-8th grade and still am around her sometimes your complaining about a computer she didn’t buy my phone I’m even typing this message on or shoes on my feet yet your complaining

  • j123456789

    i really hate her she always controlling my life and she never let me see my friends

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes, I really hate my mom. She’s always making me do things for her, or just do things so I won’t be near her. And so then, I start to wonder, does my mom really care about me? Sure she feeds me and buys me clothing, but that all seems like it’s just a lie so I can work for her. Sometimes, I want to just die, just to see if she really cares, but I know I can’t because I can’t undo that in case she really does care about me.

  • Zooooooooooooooo

    Sometimes I wonder how I would feel if my mom died tomorrow, I think I’d feel nothing… she has been dead to me for a long time. She is someone I truly believe is evil because she gets joy out of hurting people. I do not think I have the mental capacity to “hate” her because that would require too much emotion and care. I just hope I never have to see her again.

    BTW I actually got here searching for “I hate my novel”… not really sure how that happened

  • AnonymousPrincess

    Sorry guys, I have to say this, because there’s no place in real life I can do so without getting into trouble,it’s like the walls have ears now…

    I really want to treat my Mum just like that bitch treats me most of the time. I’ve been studying when she’s at work, and when she came back yesterday and saw me on facebook, she pulled my ears like she was going to rip them off, called me a lot of disgraceful things and said I wasn’t studying enough and that my grades were bad because I was on the Internet all the time(which isn’t true at all) . And she even banned me from using the computer(which I’m doing, but she’s not here to see me)There was also something really evil she did to me last year(she does that to me all the time, but the cause for her to do so was ridiculous). Out of the blue, that evil fucking bitch from hell demanded to see my history. I hesitated, and she slapped me in the face and shouted again. Then I had to show her one by one, as she beat me with her leather belt. Not to mention the almost ear-ripping experience I went through just because I put a password on my computer.

    Here’s one more of the more recent horrors I’ve experienced at home:

    I was already pissed off, and my mum had screamed at me. I screamed back. That bitch whipped me with that same leather belt on the thighs, arms and back until I was bruised and was about to start bleeding.(I had to stay a really long time without wearing shorts or anything else that would expose the bruises) The worse thing was that she beat me once per syllable.

    And something less serious but just plain bitchy:
    I left my facebook open and that…cow started chatting with my friends and she discovered I had been upset in school. It was a 40 minute “interview” with her making some wild guesses, which were really offensive to me(in the end, I had to lie). The reason why I was upset: because my mum was being mean as always.

    Please pardon my bad language.

    • Suzie

      If this is really true it’s child abuse and you should get help.

      • Suzie

        By help I mean talk to an adult you trust or call childline or something.

    • fnf

      Yeah. Suzie’s right. This is actually child abuse. Contact an adult. Go talk to your counselor or some person with authority. You gotta go tell someone. Don’t hide the bruises. You should show them to your teachers!!

  • Butseriously

    I want to murder my mom.



  • Lala

    I wish moms were like clothes you could exchange them…

  • subash

    u bitches have u ever thught how much did she cared for u
    wen u was child

  • Zhinonym

    My Mom is a bloody bitch. Trying to control my live from birth till I’m 2x.
    Not to mention I paid for our house expenses, she’s an idiot who doesnt know when to start considering her son as an adult.
    My bro is lucky to have escaped her to overseas.

  • marcus fricke

    i dont like my mom she always treats me like a baby when im not. why cant she accept that her son is grown up now?

  • Jack

    I’ gonna piss on my mom’s grave

  • I Hate My Mother.

    My mom always yells at me, hits me, and is super rude. Today, I had my headphones on minimum volume, and she barged into my room and yelled: “WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO?” I showed her and she ripped off the headphones, said it it was too loud, and threw them on the ground. They’re broken now, and they costed $400.

    • ME1112

      When my mom hits me, I run away and she ends up hitting the wall and hurting herself. I also manage to always sit by her bad shoulder so she will hurt herself. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ROFL

  • Gdydjzhjxjdbxhfj

    M mother is a bitch as well she always needs what she wants and doesn’t care about us She is fucking retarded I wish I could commit suicide she is horrible and mean I just cat stand her

  • padoodle

    SAME! OK. My mom gets mad at getting not perfect on a math test that she didn’t help me study for. WTF. Why? my friends moms are so nice even though my friends treat them like trash. I know I’m not being inconsiderate. I know what inconsiderate is. Her threat is to do stupid stuff like not let me go to my part-time job to make money. Yes, she does make me stay home and not let me go to work. She told me that all the money my piano lessons in my life would have to be paid back to her. I can’t use the money I make. She doesn’t understand what a commitment is. She will act nice once a month but I don’t act nice back because she needs to understand. I typed in “I hate my mom” and this came up. A few times during my childhood, I have felt this way but this time I just had to write it out. I sometimes feel that it is because I’m angry and during those times, I just ignore her. I am not allowed to go to scholarship workshops because it takes up too much time and I need to study. She is stupid not me. Bye.

  • rachel krats

    lol I so AGREEEE :D


    I can’t even sit down without her screaming about the dishes…I mean hello that’s not my job…..then she doesn’t except who I am…..nobody is the same and she can say that other people but when it comes to me why you didn’t do this! Why did you do that! Can you stop being lazy for once! She say all of that when…honestly the dishes are pilled up I don’t have no school uniforms and we don’t have food! Then she calls me in the room to pick up the remote that’s like 3 feet away! Honestly I’m the lazy one really mom! She’s say she’s gonna put me in a group home…..if you don’t want me why did ya have a baby? She thinks I’m suppose to clean up after her…..nah man I don’t play that

  • Asher

    sometimes i want to kill my mom TnT like today she says ok after we take your brother to the game store i’ll take your to rainbow… im like ok… we get there we r in there for LITERALLY 3 FUCKING MINUTES i want to try something on ok try it on….but your not buying it… Y FUCKING NOT ITS MY MONEY NOT YOURS!!!! so we go into an argument and i called her a bitch like 20 times -.-

  • Hate that bitch

    I fucking hate my ass hole mother she doesn’t know me I want her dead to go to hell and never come back she hurt me in so many ways I fucking want her dead.

  • mikemike69

    My mom is the biggest psychopathic bitch
    you will ever meet. That fucking bitch needs to go die

  • annoyed citizen with evil mom

    My mom randomly gets mad about the smallest issues and I can’t stand it! She makes me buy my own clothes and food unless she decides to cook for me, she won’t let me get a job, and she yells at me CONSTANTLY. She always takes my clothes and says they are hers(especially my shoes wtff). every day I come home and clean up around the house so she won’t get mad and she will find the smallest thing to b*tch about! It doesn’t help that she doesn’t have a husband and her boyfriend broke up with her so now the only person she has to torment is me. I’m so sick of it I can’t wait to escape I’m almost 18 thank goodness!!! If she didn’t want a kid why did she have one….

  • PoorAsianKid

    guys, if you are really pissed at your mom, like I am, I consider killing myself a lot. First reason is, killing your mom gets you a bad place in whatever religion you believe in. but killing yourself let’s u get off clean, AND brings grief to UR mom (if she even cares(

    • John

      Killing yourself is still considered a sin in some religions. Plus, suicide is never the answer.

  • peacehzj

    your mom took so much pain and brought you in this world….you guys are sick

    • Alia de Coco

      hello ? some mom cant even appreciate their child ? always compare with other ppl’s child as if she is perfect. as a mother, she sucks and her fake attitude makes me sick -,-

  • anonymous

    i fucking hate my mum i hope she get cancer or gets murdered and tortured

  • heloo

    hoe, is mi mam. i can feel this childish intensity she gives to little things, like she thinks about it a LOT and that stupid voice in her head gets very pissed off and tells her nasty things about me. but the thing is, she takes it so seriously. i kindof take my thoughts with a pinch of salt, or atleast they say things with some restraint. but hers, it kind off spinns off into all kinds of different directions. ill, she thinks …she is really mad actually in her own way.

  • FMYM

    This is my life not yours.

  • mumsarebitches

    Fucking hell why are mum such bitches

  • A

    My Moms a total bitch ! She hates me, why? Im sick of being the better person ! So its, official I f***ing hate you 2 !

  • Anon75750

    My mom is the most annoying person that I’ve ever met. Just because her life is horrible and nobody likes her and her job is hard and she’s addicted to playing games on her ipad doesn’t mean that she can be mean to me. To be honest, I hate summer and winter break and spring break because she works from home and my dad goes to the office so I hate staying home with her. Even when I come home from school, she makes my day horrible by yelling over a small thing or a question I can’t answer because I didn’t have anything to do with her. I can’t wait until the day where I leave home to go to college. If she tries to make me stay with her when I am going to college, I am completely leaving. I’m not allowed to do extra curriculars, go to sleepovers or camp or amusement parks with my friends. She’s a fricking passive agressive stupid insensitive bitch that shouldn’t be allowed to do anything. AND THE BEST PART: SHE SAYS THAT I”M THE IRRESPONSIBLE ONE AND THAT SHE SHOULDN’T HAVE HAD ME LMFAO IM DYING

  • anne

    I really hate her right now! TSS… she keeps complaining about how I don’t help her even though I folded our clothes just a minute ago. Yet she keeps blabbering about all the things that doesn’t include me. Heck! I AM THE ONE WORKING YET SHE CHOSE TO PRAISE MY ASS HOLE OF A BROTHER EVEN THOUGH HE JUST KEEPS PLAYING THE COMPUTER EVERYSINGLE DAY! AND GETS REALLY MAD IF YOU MAKE HIM DO SOMETHING LITTLE LIKE FETCHING YOU A GLASS OF WATER. I WISH SHE WOULD STOP BEING A CONTROLLING BITCH

  • Hihibobo Bo

    I’m glad I read this. Just got in a fight, and I don’t feel like I hate her any more- only how she drives me nuts

  • Nick

    I get a F in science and then my mom says “I hate checking your grades and finding one F in science” okay. Then don’t check my grades.

  • Roro

    yeaaaa these kids are overreacting but yea my (so called) “mother” is the reason i have so many freaking issues right now and the more i grow up and realize it the more i feel damaged and inside out

    it got to the point where i was getting suicide thoughts at the age of 10..

  • Robin H

    some kids are just spoiled, but my mom is a real bitch, she is a very selfish and careless mother who hates all of her children, half the times she is on painkillers and other drugs for headaches, and the other half when she feels totally well, she just keeps shouting and yelling insults to everybody, she is always angry, and unhappy, and she hates herself too, the only subject that she would enjoy is money, even though she is rich, she enjoys shoplifting, and so on… I have considered suicide because of her, there were many instances that me and my sisters could have died only because of her carelessness, so reading some of the posts, i feel like some kids shouldn’t feel so bad…

  • Emma

    I hate my FUCKING MOM

  • Me

    My mum is the meanest ever I knew she was a fake mum she is fucking blaming me for absolutely everything.

  • pissedasfuck

    Most of these teens dont even have a good enough reason to bash their mom on facebook. So what if they shut ur phone of eternally or took it away from u?! At least she doesnt fucking abuse u physically and emotionally.

    I fucking hate my mom bcuz she is an insensitive bitch who really is just plain STUPID.
    She blames me for every flaw i have in my body. U fucking gave me this bitch. Who raised me? U. And im fucking pissed that u didnt just abort me as a fetus. U told me to die. U told me that u wanted to abort me so why didnt u u fucktard?! I hate this. I hate life! Why did u have to kill me in so many ways possible but still let me live?!

    My bro is not a help either. He is like a replica of my mom in terms of iq level. They r both stupid and say stupid fuckass thing u could ever imagine. I wish they all die. Id wish i was never born but too late im here and im fucking ranting.

  • anonymous

    whew i was really mad at my mom and sis till now.but findind that there are other people who feel like me i calmed down and i am nt mad at mom anymore.but my sister is still a bitch

  • RailGuns

    Yeah,I just said to my mom how many hours is that movie?The computer is slowing down.Fffuuuuccckking bitch you answered me rude and not nicely!I will never like you again!You are not my mom.You don’t do good things to me.i don’t remember things.I have another mom.You never believe me.>:((It’s complicated but the mom i am talking about is not my real mom.Stepmother.LOL like in cinderella.sheeeeesh)

  • RailGuns

    Yeah i do agree with that.1000000000%/100%….Retarded mom bitch

  • Hateyou!


  • anonymous,me

    My is so mean, and I will tell you why:
    1- I can’t go anywhere, I can’t have friends, I can’t see my friends,I can’t have a boyfriend, I can’t even talk to any guy cause she thinks that there is a relation between us.
    2- I can’t have any opinion in the stuff concerning the house and not even my own room and my own stuff
    3- I can’t go out with my cousins,with my aunt or uncle, or see them without her being with me.
    4- she won’t buy me new clothes, t – shirts,shorts,bikini or anything else, even if the old ones became small.
    5- she promises and never does the promise.
    6- she always yell at me in front of people, she slaps me in the face each time I talk or do something that she doesn’t like(but it’s OK to do it I mean it’s no big deal)
    And finally ( there is more and more but I don’t have the time to write them down)

  • John Doe

    But I love my mom.

  • sausage fatzo dog

    it feels good to say these words because well moms can mess with you for NO reason and get away with it. But…well they didn’t abandon you on the street every time you whined for ice cream so go moms!

  • Anonymous

    My dad is in the raaf and he was posted to Melbourne so my mum was cool and decided that I could go and live with him cause I obviously needed to be with my dad. So I got excited until the dreaded day when my mum told me I couldn’t go.i asked what for and she said because I said so. My dad is a perfectly normal man and there was no reason why I couldn’t go apart from the fact that my mum thinks she is the boss and the world revolves around her. Dad pays my mum $20,000 a year for me and she pockets it all and I get nothing and I visit my dad once a month. on top of what he already pays her he has to pay for my tickets over there and for everything else too. But do you know what my mum spends all this money on? Ciggeret’s its sad just today my dad told me he can no longer buy things for me including plane tickets to Melbourne and that means I cannot see the only parent who looks after my health and interests and needs. my mum gets mad when I do things like ask to go have a dentist appointment (which is vital for my health) and says “dont give me messages from your fuc*ing idiot father” which is ironic considering he is an air force pilot with one million dollars in his super annuation and my mum is an unemployed couch potato

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