Posts Published June 2012

  1. The Unathletic Spider-Man
    The Well-Endowed Spider-Man
    We Need to Talk About Spider-Man

    — Spider-Man movies that sound more interesting than The Amazing Spider-Man by Alex Litel

    Via: Josh Heller

  2. Emonote

    Recently, note-taking and syncing app Evernote bought sketchbook app Penultimate, leading us to wonder what the new collaboration would be great for. The answer, Emonote.

  3. leap-second-banner

    How to Use Your Leap Second

    Tomorrow night, all clocks set to official time will get one extra second, to synchronize atomic time with solar time. It’s crazy! What are we gonna do with all this time? I HAVE SOME IDEAS.

    See seven more ideas for using up your second. »

  4. Man suffocating woman with pillow

    Lasse Passage’s “Say Say Say” Music Video

    This is a video about killing. It is not for the workplace, or for mealtimes.

    Watch this Easter-finest music video. »

  5. supreme court deal with it

    The Supreme Court, Healthcare, And You: Straight-Talk Edition

    Today the Supreme Court issued a landmark blah blah blah what the fuck happened this morning in DC?

    Basically, the Court answered four questions.

    1. Can people sue the government over the healthcare mandate yet?

    This is important because way back in 1789, Congress passed a law called the Anti-Injunction Act (AIA) saying you can’t challenge a tax before you’ve paid it — you have to pay it, and then sue for a refund. That was to prevent people from tying up the government in court all the time with frivolous lawsuits to buy more time. It’s like, “Fuck, I don’t have the money yet. OH I KNOW. I’ll sue the government, saying the tax is illegal, because it takes like decades for shit like that to resolve, and in the meantime no one will have to pay! I’LL BE A HERO.” Can’t do that. Instead, you have to decide that it’s worth your time to go and get the money back in a court battle.

    If the healthcare mandate falls under the AIA, then this suit has to wait all the way until 20-fuck-15, when people start paying it. However, the court ruled that the healthcare mandate does not fall under the AIA, because Congress didn’t call it a tax. This is really important — Congress didn’t call it a tax, so it doesn’t count, because the AIA only applies to things that Congress calls taxes.

    2. Is the Individual Mandate to buy health insurance constitutional?

    Read the exciting answer that CNN got wrong! »

  6. Kesha glowing about an 808 drum

    Repeating Like an 808 (36 Songs That Shout Out to the TR-808)

    Why do pop stars and rappers constantly give shout-outs to the Roland TR-808 drum kit? Hip-hop artists first fell in love with it because it cost just under two thousand bucks. Contemporary artists love its distinct sound. Ke$ha relates to a tool that got way more popular than its superior-sounding competitors.

    Hear 36 songs that reference the 808. »

  7. Krispy Kreme adjusts his tie

    Krispy Kreme Song Preview for “Stolen Bikes”

    Krispy Kreme’s next song is going to render our faces liquid by way of heat. It involves James, the villain last seen kidnapping Money Mike in “Best Friends”.

    Watch the preview. »

  8. Beauty and the Beat

    Beauty and the Beat: Not Racist, But Liking It Makes Me Feel Racist, But It’s OK

    As sous-blogger Henry puts it, “Any racial humor makes me nervous. Because white.” I agree! This video (starring Destorm, GloZell, Antoine Dodson and other YouTube celebrities) is super-fun and funny and white people should feel awkward but we can still love it!

    Watch ‘Beauty and the BEAT!’ »

  9. The Saddest Twitter Account of All Time

    My sous-blogger Henry Birdseye found the very saddest Twitter account. If you can beat this, that is terrible and I want to see.

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