Big Brother speaks at TED

It recently came to light that the folks at TED Talks were refusing to post a video about income inequality because it seemed too politically biased. People wanted to see it anyway, and as of this afternoon, the video has been posted online. You can now watch it here.

But that raised another question: What other talks are the TED Talks people holding back from us because they’re “too controversial”? We hacked into their secret database of unreleased TED talks made some stuff up.

Here are the titles of those TED talks.

  •  ”Let’s eat our old dogs”
  • “Things airport security failed to find in my butt”
  • “Bill Gates releases bugs on everyone again”
  • “A children’s birthday magician pulls stuff out of a hat for an hour”
  • “Literacy: Does we need it?”
  • “If I raise my hands in this outfit, do I look like Steve Jobs?”
  • “Robots that cooperate… and fuck”
  • “Kenny Rogerson asks ‘Is the last syllable of a name really necessary?’”
  • “10 things you already knew, but apparently none of your Facebook friends did”
  • “Tony Robbins asks how he got in here”
  • “Gamify that shit”
  • “Why we keep at least one secret from everyone and thus no one truly loves us”
  • “Sasha Grey’s mystery box”
  • “Let’s just watch some YouTube for a half-hour”
  • “Emily Smirnoff gives birth onstage”
  • “Aubrey de Grey: We’ll cheat death if we all grow beards”
  • “This 12-year-old was definitely not coached”
  • “Kitty Sanchez: My eyes are up here”

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