Steve Roggenbuck talks Queen Latifah

Another nearly-unseen video from hypervlogger Steve Roggenbuck, whom we introduced yesterday with his motivational video. This time he shouts non sequiturs like “I like my doctors medical, and I like ‘em young.”

Let’s shut down Twitter and all make videos like this instead.

Dude’s got over a hundred videos. I haven’t watched them all yet. But you can.

I forgot to say yesterday, I found Steve’s videos through Colin Fitzpatrick of Colin discovers good things, you should follow him.

  • Steve Roggenbuck

    nick i realy appreciate the coverage :) thank u hehe

    • Anonymous

      Hey! You are amazing! I’m gonna try to watch all of your videos, but let me know if there are some particular favorites of yours you’d like me to see!

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