Limericks with rage faces

My god, that comment’s astounding!
It answered this issue confounding.
But whom do I thank?
What’s the username? “SPANK_
Idea stolen from here

The faces you see inside fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu
Can be derpy, or hairy or blue.
Or Forever Alone
With no texts on his phone,
But not Rage Face. That one we withdrew.

Excuse me, my post wasn’t spam.
But it got blocked as if it were, ma’am.
“I’m sorry, I fixed it!”
Still nobody clicks it.
The filter knows how bad I am.

Shut up and take all of my money
For that T-shirt that says something funny.
And the sweet iPhone dock
With a light and a clock
And a GOB-Bluth-shaped jar full of honey.

We don’t only upvote the pics
Because we’re illiterate dicks.
We’ve got a fixation:
Instant gratification.
And we’re saving our precious mouse clicks.

The submissions on /r/WTF
Are funny, but technically suck.
If it’s not horrifying
Or death-glorifying
It doesn’t belong there, you schmuck.

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