Bad Girls Club

I like how TV shows let us know if a show is about girls. Two Broke Girls, The New Girl, Girls. Just like all those guy shows! Everyone Loves That Raymond Guy, Spin City of Guys, Frasier (He’s a Guy).

Though I could just be Black History Monthing it. Like, including a description of the character could always be a thing, but suddenly we’ve got three shows with “girls” in the title and I sound like a racist uncle asking “Why isn’t there a white history month? Where’s white entertainment television?” Easy dude, they’re historically underrepresented.

I guess there’s Two and a Half Men. Or they put the name of someone, often a dude, in the title. King of Queens. Seinfeld. Frasier. It’s OK. It’s about a dude. Nobody freaked out.

I guess there was Caroline in the City and The Mary Tyler Moore Show and I’ll let myself out, thanks.

  • Anonymous

    I hate how in media, women are suddenly a minority. See: bechdel test. If women are a minority, so are men! Both being roughly half of the population.

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