ROFLCon is happening right now! It’s a big conference where all the Internet goes to hang out in Cambridge, MA. Many of the meme people you’d expect will be there: Double Rainbow Guy, the “Gingers do have souls” kid, Nope! Chuck Testa. There’s a good chance they’ll all be in the same room at some point this weekend, and that totally blows my mind.

But what about the memes that won’t make it? What are they doing, or why weren’t they invited?

Hampster dance: Only 3 of the original 4 hamster GIFs will be there, as the orange and white rotating hamster got really into cocaine and passed away right in the prime of his life, at roughly 2 years old.

Tubgirl: Couldn’t find the time. Just had too much shit going on.

2 girls 1 cup: The girls couldn’t make it, but the cup will be signing autographs.

Lemon party: Won’t be at the main conference, but they’ll be throwing a lemon afterparty.

Lime cat: Wasn’t invited, and believe me, he sure is a “sourpuss”! (I hate myself.)

Goatse guy: He’s there, but ironically he is super constipated and hasn’t left his hotel room.

Bucket walrus: Too shy. Left a note on his Twitter page, though. “I also has crippling anxiety in social situations.”

  • Zev

    The Hampster dance actually did make an appearance in the “year 2000″ panel.

    • Henry

      Oh wow, good to know. I figured they might be around (Have you seen their website? I guess they’re a franchise now?), but I really wanted to write about a cartoon hamster GIF dying from a cocaine overdose.

  • Rob Beschizza

    Hampsters 4 lyfe

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