So many books, so little time

David Malki !, the annoyingly punctuated creator of the webcomic Wondermark, started a Twitter game a few minutes ago. It’s called #completedbooks and the only rule, I think, is that you add words to the titles of books to make them sound funny.

It’s like a looser version of Booking Bands, the game Coudal Partners invented in 2007 off-Twitter. (That game specifically required matching a band name to a book title.)

It also reminds me of the McSweeney’s piece “Lesser-Known Movie Prequels”.

Now let’s read some #completedbooks-es.

UPDATE: Adding more tweets!


Looks like Malki was inspired by this tweet:

So @cheesegod69 is the inventor of this joke, @Malki‘s the codifier, and @ahuj9 is the champion. Really, gaze upon his majesty.

Meanwhile the hashtag is getting hijacked by people who think we’re just listing books we’ve read, because Twitter’s too big and stupid now for the funny people to have nice things.

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