Blake Boston has embraced the fact that a photo of him in a fitted Boston Red Sex cap turned into a huge meme, and now he’s embraced it with this fun video about Scumbag Steve. I say this without irony: this is a fun video and you should watch it.

It’s obvious that Blake is the type of dude you could have gone to high school with, and I think that’s why I like this video so much.

Like, at 1:04, I’m pretty sure he’s actually peeing. He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who’d go out and buy a prop to fake-pee on someone’s house.

And then by 1:15 I’d totally forgotten about that weave lyric so I didn’t know why he was waving that hair around and it cracked me up.

Then at 1:32 there’s that dog just chilling in the background and that was pleasant, too. More dog cameos on YouTube, please!

Then at 2:11 the weave’s back. Hey, weave!

BONUS: When this video got posted to Reddit, awesome Redditor Shitty_Watercolour painted him holding the weave:

Want more Scumbag Steve? He actually wrote a very sweet advice letter to Annoying Facebook Girl.

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