Anderson Cooper considering suicide

If you didn’t watch Aziz Ansari send out his lookalike on Anderson Cooper’s show yet, it’s because you don’t know just how horrifically awkward it is. At least to me. Because I have a problem remembering faces, which gets me into a lot of awkward “of course I remember who you are!” conversations and which my girlfriend has diagnosed as “Not giving a shit about people” Syndrome.

So I really felt bad for Anderson Cooper, because when he took like half a minute to realize that the guy who doesn’t really look like Aziz Ansari wasn’t Aziz Ansari, he must have been screaming at himself inside, thinking “What if I’ve horribly misremembered Aziz’s face?” and “At what point is it OK to mention this?” and “How uncertain should I look? Should I hedge my bets here?” or at least that’s what I’d do let’s watch some TV.

Via: Splitsider

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