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Almost Politically Correct Redneck loves Mexicans because they’re the best dishwashers. He thinks Barack Obama is a pretty cool colored person. He’s the perfect symbol of our nation’s current awkward transition to more enlightened social mores.

Here are the best examples of this new meme, plus a few of my own.

He’s not racist:

Or sexist:

Or racist again:

Or anti-gay:

Or sexist again:

Or ableist:

Or anti-Muslim:

His kind go way back.

Here are mine!

Now go make your own!

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  • Noodle

    The gay-bashers one made no sense. Or is completely cissexist. .. No, either way it doesn’t make sense and the person who made it is politically incorrect themselves.

    • Xomo

      P.S. Calling someone a cock-sucker is gay-bashing.

      • Jessica Miller

        Yay! Somebody gets the joke!

  • the two of cups

    One of those is real. I sh*t you not, I have an red-neck aunt who is a Lesbian, and she is against mixed race marriage. “It confuses the children” she says. Yes. Because they might grow up to become president.

  • erp

    actually, the meme suffers from the same thing it’s trying to joke about. “I don’t judge people based upon appearance….unless they have the appearance of a southern redneck.”

    • Chris M

      Except the way you dress is (at least to some degree) a choice, whereas race, sex, and sexual orientation are not.

      • lifemare

        What the hell difference does it make if it’s a choice or not?!
        You’re still judging that person through the stereotype associated with “the way he looks” instead “who he is” or “what he said and did”!
        That’s a completely moot point!
        And such a cliched statement that it’s tragically ironic… considering you’re speaking against discrimination and its preconceptions… using preconceptions and buzzwords…

      • lifemare

        And stop pretending sexual orientation isn’t a choice. Try using the
        biology card when you have to explain to your partner you were
        unfaithful because polygamy is “natural” and you have no choice in the
        matter – and then let’s debate the merits of social constraints vs
        instinctive impulses.
        I’m not against homosexuality. I’m bi. It just
        pisses me off that the ONE feeble claim to being entitled to that choice
        is that you have “no control over your natural urges”. If that is the
        case you’ll have to stop referring to yourself as human, because that’s
        the ONE thing that distinguishes us from the rest of the animal kingdom.

        fantasize about every imaginable thing and crave the weirdest of
        fetishes. Stop pretending about that as well and we might begin to find
        some common ground for mutual understanding and respect.
        But no! One
        congressman is found sexting and an entire nation of 4th graders
        immediately giggles. His entire character instantly and utterly
        tarnished. A president is caught having an affair and all his competence
        in governance evaporates…
        It’s going to take a while…

    • Nick

      Oh, no, I wrote this piece and I TOTALLY judge people based on appearance. I also judge your stupid username.

      • Dookie

        But you can also view this as classist, which it totally is. You can’t help what your economic background is. You can help responding to criticism like an asshole though.

  • Send_us_Doves

    The muslim one made me LOL. haha, Awesome.

  • joe

    yours are p bad dude

  • Dbakeca Italia

    wtf :))

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