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Greg Rutter, ad writer and lister of things you should have seen, posted the first video from definitely-deliberately-bad rapper Krispy Kreme with a caption implying they were “real”. The following email conversation ensued.

Nick: There’s no way Krispy Kreme are serious.

Greg: Absolutely serious. It’s art! My fiancée watched it and laughed just as hard as I did. That doesn’t happen!

Nick: We should make a public gentleman’s bet. Loser has to star in some animated GIFs?

Greg: Deal! Wait, what kind of GIF? Oh god what have I gotten myself into? Also I’m very drunk.

What kind of GIF? I do not know. Suggestions are welcome below.

  • Henry

    Loser has to star in animated GIFs in which he is eating a banana.

    • Modern Primate


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