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Though it has been long debated, the correct pronunciation of the GIF can no longer be questioned. It is well documented that the father of the GIF, Steve Wilhite, pronounces it as Jiff with a soft G, not a hard G.

Mind blowing, I know. It’s going to take some adjusting. You might even want to practice it in front of your mirror for a while. Now, I don’t want to overwhelm you, but we here at Slacktory have uncovered a few more words that we have all been mispronouncing.

Internet: Did you know it is pronounced Eye-nternet, not Enter-net? This makes a lot of sense because the Internet is something you look at with your eyes, not enter with your body.

Wi-Fi: While everyone thinks Wi-Fi is pronounced Why-Fy, it is actually pronounced wiffy. This is derived from the fact that most Wi-Fi hotspots are pretty iffy.

Meme: Internet elitists will try to claim this word is pronounced meem, like the word gene. The truth is the word is pronounced Memmay, because it sounds French and is just funnier.

URL: Most people will spell out this word saying U R L. Truth is it should be pronounced Earl, after the founder of Unified Resource Locations, Url Webbington III.

Vlogging: It is commonly believed that Vlogging is a variation of blogging, and is therefore pronounced the same way. But vlogging was originally used to describe the logging of many Vs, an abbreviation of videos. The correct pronunciation is Vee-Logging.

IP address: It’s not eye pee address, as we all so vulgarly say. It’s pronounced Ip and was named after the famous martial artist Ip Man. Fun fact: the very first IP address contains the birthdate, weight, and favorite numbers of Ip Man.

LOL: Perhaps the most used and therefore the most mispronounced word in the eye-nternet vernacular. LOL is not to be spelled out or pronounced “lawl” or “lowell”. It is pronounced as “Unnnhhh-ninininini” with the “Unnnhhh” real low and guttural and the “ninininini” like a high trill — as begrudgingly and maliciously ratified in a 1989 Usenet thread by users who had long since rejected spoken language.

Illustration by Villain LLC

  • Skeletunes12

    Did I just got trolled?

    • Jkeenen

      It’s pronounced “trawled”, like a fishing vessel does.

    • Teufelaffe

      I think that depends on how you pronounce “trolled”.

  • Nobody
  • Lee Keels

    I’ve never pronounced GIF with the hard “g” since the first time I saw it.

    • Jschumway

       The ‘G’ stands for GRAPHIC. How do you pronounce ‘graphic’?

      • Nate Smith

        I agree with you on that point, but if the inventor says it is Jiff, who are we to argue? It’s like if you named your child Bob but insisted it was pronounced “Boob.” We would have to respectfully comply. Come to think of it, I’m going to name my next child Bob.

      • Lee Keels

        Doesn’t matter. The guy that invented it says it’s a soft “G”, so live with it.

      • tcoakley

         While I completely agree with you, I personally lost a bet when I worked at CompuServe with Steve.  Ned and I walked down to his office and he most certainly pronounced it “jiff”. All I can say is brilliance with graphics doesn’t equate to pronunciation.

  • Star Wars Dad

    Hahaha…you had me going until Eye-nternet…

    • Bex

      lmao same here!

  • Kazuki

    This will be picked up by the NYT by the end of the day.

    • Nate Smith

      That would be great.

  • Wtbuff99

    Somebody owes me 3 and a half minutes of my life, I want it back.

    • Abba_dann

      LMAO! Yea i fuccen wanted mine back too

    • Nate Smith

      Took you 3 and a half minutes to read this? Hooked on Phonics?

    • grenlist

       OMG! I totally agree! Those “corrections” aren’t even correct!
      Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fiber…which is WHY FYE! Ug!

      • Guest

        Its wireless fidelity. Like high fidelity.

        • KingTwiggNL

          Nope it’s not.

          The Wi-Fi Alliance used the “nonsense” advertising slogan “The Standard for Wireless Fidelity” for a short time after the brand name was invented, leading to the misconception that Wi-Fi was an abbreviation of “Wireless Fidelity”

      • Drew

        You’re a moron.

    • Davemcmenamy

      It took you 3 and a half minutes to read that?

  • Anonymous

    W . T . F.  Pronounce it anyway way you want holmes, it still means just one thing.

    • Anonymous

       ”Homes” is pronounced with an “L”? Or is Dr. Watson the source for Philly street talk?

      • Chris Smith

        Unfortunately for you his name was Sherlock Holmes, not “Homes” so ya it is pronounced with the “L”

  • Adora Tsang

    Richard Darwkins who brought the word “meme” into popularity in his book The Selfish Gene, pronounce it as “meem”.

    • David Boyer


      • Anonymous

        Whoosh indeed, ha! Did the other entries all appear correct, then?

        But I’ll still admit that Dawkins’ pronunciation ticks me off. He borrowed from the Greek mimeisthai, pronounced with a long i up front, then bastardized it with a long e to sound like “gene.” But meme is already a (similarly defined) word in French, pronounced with a short e to rhyme with “them.” I expect better from a linguistic snob like Dawkins.

        All this makes the “memmay” pronunciation that much better. I vote for more confusion!

  • Internet Guy

    wow, could this be less funny and pointless? *hint: rhetorical*

  • Junk

    What a load of crap!

  • Thren


  • JMM

    Really? I always just pronounced it IN-ternet. Who ever said ENTER-net, even when it was new? I think I’m going to download some MIP-Threes tonight, out of spite.

  • David M. Silva

    This post is terrible! Some people aren’t going to understand it was a joke and become more annoying than ever! Super troll alert

    • JMM

      Jokes are funny. That was the problem here.

    • John Ridley

       The problem is that it started out as fact, with GIF pronounced Jif.  I didn’t think that was ever in doubt, it was documented in the original file specification document back in the 80s.  But it went downhill from there.

  • Nate Smith

    David, that’s how we separate the idiots from the rest of us.

  • Daniel Tobias

    I’ve always felt like pronouncing HDMI to rhyme with “sodomy”.

    • Nate Smith

      I can get on board with that.

    • Anonymous

      Hodomy. Sounds like a root herb.

  • Jay Walker

    Careful!  Some people might not be smart enough to know how full of crap this is!

  • Anon

    uh, no.

  • Anonymous




    • Anonymous

      I thought the point of “meh” was… nevermind.

      • Anonymous

        And here I didn’t think anyone would get the irony.

  • Hotmail

    This was worthless even for a troll or joke. Sorry.

  • Rob Beschizza

    SUBMISSION: PHP, the programming language, is pronounced “Fap”

    • Anonymous


    • Nate Smith

      Approved. Go forth and PHP

  • Yomom

    Wow, not at all funny.

  • Raphavry

    What a nerd…who the f*** cares?  Worst piece of writing…

  • nitro2k01

    I like to proclaim that unless something is the name of a detergent (such as Jif (GIF) or Ajax) it’s not Internet terminology.

  • Jon Bakos

    Zoid: So, you want to be a comedian, is it?
    Zoidberg: It’s my lifelong dream.
    Zoid: [shouting] Well that dream dies now. [He bangs his claw on the table.] You’re unfunny and untalented.

  • Anonymous

    If this is what you people do on social networking it is no wonder the world is going to the dogs.  Take a bow wow, everyone.  By the way,  that’s pronounced boo woo.  Right?

  • Ankit

    WTF…..worst post ever..never visiting slacktory again..

  • Anonymous

    “wifi” — rhymes with “wiki”

  • Scott Allen Abfalter

    /backs away slowly; wonders why author thought this was even funny 

  • Joe Brown

    Note to self… Ignore all “Slacktory” posts I come across in the future…

  • Jen Knoedl

    That’s cute.

  • Benjamin Eugene NElson

    And how do you correctly pronounce “the writer of this article is full of it?”

  • Yo

    Kill yourself.

  • Mpj5007

    thanks for being a douche. I mean if you need attention this bad go read a self help book

  • John Abbott

    Can you pronounce Bilge?  That is what this is!

  • Heicheldog

    This was unbelievably bad, an attempt to straddle the plausibility line that ended in disaster. Allow me to utilize a “Memmay” to describe the writing styles of Nate Smith.

  • Anonymous

    I feel sorry for the writer of this site. I am sure he THOUGHT he was being at least somewhat humorous. But this is why he “writes” for a crappy blog and doesn’t actually earn money.

  • Hisham Sageer

    WTF pronounce that fucken douche

  • Guest

    Nate Smith: please kill yourself.  Do it…

  • JD

    How did this end up in Digg? It’s bollocks!

  • This website blows ass

    well this is one website I will never, ever visit again.  what a shitmaster fail.

  •!/david_frankk David Frankk

    I’m pretty sure the author just made all these up !

    Android Application Development

  • Zulie34

    wats thr pronounciation for ‘rofl’

  • nettcpip.inf

    What 10 year old kid wrote made this garbage up?  or are these comments going to show up on epic fail…….

  • Terarded

    This was retarded.  Never coming to this site again wow. 

  • Your Momma

    So unfunny it’s actually… still unfunny.

  • Don

    This article is freakin’ DUMB!

  • Iiconfused

    I’m calling bull[crap] on 1, 6, 2, 4, 7, 3 and 5.

    • Anonymous

      Oh you!

  • David Dineen-Porter

    I did know that it was pronounced “Jiff”, since I’m old and no one called them “giff” until the very end of the 90s. THE REST ARE JOKES AND NOT TRUW

  • Billy G.


  • Iceqool

    Non sense! There is no correct or wrong pronunciation..

  • Krisette Capati

    Such a waste of time. By the way, Wi-fi means wireless fidelity and it’s pronounce as “wie-fi!” Make sure you do your research well before writing.

  • Bilbo Baggins’ Mother

    I kind of believe the “Ip” address one and “Memmay” because they’re funny, but other wise, the one with LOL? Srs???

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