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On May 6, Tumblr user Endophallus Party posted this fatuous comparison of a Tumblry nerdy girl to “other girls”:

“Other girls are girly, I’m nerdy” is a common Tumblr theme, specifically visual comparisons like the above, which has variations like this, this, and this. But this one, as Brad O’Farrell at Modern Primate points out, was a parody. The author said so. And it sparked spinoffs (spins-off?), often from people who took Endophallus’s first picture seriously.

The spinoffs took two forms. Know Your Meme and Modern Primate have explored the first type: Slashfic that shows the two girls above (now named Creamsicle and Other Girls-Sempai) falling in love.

The other type specifically parodies the above. And that’s what we’re looking at today.

Cat with a penis, by Luke:


Cthulhu, by Alizabith:


Other dudes, by The Sexy Erdgeist Suite:


Other Robots, by Puny Bottlecap Life:


Other grills, by Minato Baby:


Homestuck Hulk, by Cylo:

Homestuck, as referenced above, is a webcomic also known as MS Paint Adventures. A lot of the Other Girls artists here are Homestuck fans. A lot of them link to their DeviantArt pages from their Tumblrs. It’s a certain young, female-heavy overlap of these three cultures.

This one uses two characters as they appear in Homestuck (source unknown, found on Know Your Meme):

No clue.


Psycho killer, by Visually Pleasing:


Cephalopod, by Lizzorasaurus:


Other cats, by empty-10:


Other gods (Thor and Loki), by Angela Mercedes:


Other killers, by ComicKittyCity:

Remember to check out Brad O’Farrell’s discussion of the Creamsicle meme based off this same original drawing.

  • ponylover

    Whats wrong with Facebook? I still use it….. Makeup is fine, As long as you moderate. And um i don’t think there’s such thing a s a “fake dick” Fake boners maybe?But other then the things i said above i agree totally with all the pictures i hate the falseness of some people! Be original

    • Nope

      Oh jesus you missed the point so hard

    • poniesaregay

      The user base. Facebook is plebian tier.
      Then again, so is tumblr.

  • Neonic

    Not overly fond of the slut shaming, but the parodies are funny nonetheless. There’s also a thing as “Fake girls vs. Precocious-pretending-to-be-the-most-unique-gift-out-there-when-you’re-stupid-tumblr-and-”nerdy”-girls”. Just pointing it out there :I

  • Neon

    Terribly unfunny, awful taste, and bad “humor”. Superiority complex and this idiotic urge to shame others. Disgusting! World or arseholes!

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