Ze Frank adjusts his emotions

Ze Frank’s 2006 yearlong vlog The Show is arguably the most influential web show of all time. Vloggers like Philip DeFranco copied Ze’s jump-cut style. Vlogbrothers Hank and John Green copied that and his community emphasis and his show-a-little-seam honesty.

So one thing I was wondering when he announced his new show (titled “a show”) was, will Ze just be copying himself?

Kind of! In a good way!

Ze starts with an artist’s invocation:

Holy shit, right? Do you think he plays this invocation for himself every morning? Do you think he’d mind if I do? Is this the secret to life?

Next, Ze gets silly:

“DFTBA” is a shoutout to the Vlogbrothers. It stands for “Don’t Forget to Be Awesome.”

I know Ze a little bit! So criticizing any part of this show is complicated for me! But those dream animations are really out of place on this show. Haha it’s the second episode, how could I possibly be justified in saying “it’s out of place” forget it Ze Frank is perfect.

Episode 3 brings in formal tricks:

Goddamn, that song is so the show. It’s audience-inspired, it’s happy, it’s sweary, it’s almost too perfectly universal. Nah, perfect.

Episode 4, not perfect.

Am I the only one who hates the news episodes?

Anyway fuck that, because episode 5 is one of those utter classics that people still watch years later.

God, every time I see something so thoroughly executed, my first thought is “what a shitload of work!” because I am the worst. I hope you are all more normal and just think “that’s super-creative and entertaining!”

So yeah, Ze’s back, he’s killing it, this show will put an end to war and boredom. Watch it daily here.

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