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We have an opinion on Lena Dunham’s Girls!

We got our opinion from a days-old satirical blog post! It’s a deconstruction of many people’s criticisms of Girls.

Tumblr’s B Michael Payne writes a 15-point critique, saying shit like:

One time I tried to sleep with the girl like Lena Dunham to make her feel better about herself, and she didn’t want to, and I stopped talking to her after that because she was irredeemably sad and terrible.


[Lena Dunham having money] makes her television show not as good as shows depicting poor people like “The Wire”.


Everyone on the show is sort of fuckable but not really.


Me and my friends are not like any of these people, and I can literally only watch shows about people like me and my friends. Or shows like “The Wire” or “Game Of Thrones”, which are so obviously alien and un-relatable that they’re purely entertaining. Basically, I can only watch shows I relate to, other than “The Wire”, “Game Of Thrones”, “Doctor Who”, “Battlestar Galactica”, “Justified”, “The Sopranos”, “The Simpsons” (seasons 3-12 only), “Breaking Bad”, “Dexter”, “The Walking Dead”, “Mad Men”, “Homeland”, “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”, and “Downton Abbey”, none of which I can really relate to, per se, but that doesn’t matter because they’re more like escapism or social commentary, I cannot watch a show like “Girls” because I don’t relate to anyone on that show.

The satire (which came from B Michael trying to explain why he didn’t like Girls and critiquing his own criticism) is so sharp that a bunch of people took it literally, because Internet.

Go read it all, even though I just pasted half of it here! I’m gonna go ask him to write for us!

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