Dick Clark with a hangover

Man, remember when “too soon” was a thing?!/robfee/status/192721260185255937


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  • Spencer Hansen
  • Anonymous

    Shameless plug. I hope someone is as selfish when I die…

  • editor


  • Rweourselves

    I have the most tasteless sense of humour, but come on people. These are UNFUNNY and pathetic.   Maybe you should get off your Twitters and hone your skills like MY razor sharp wit, you boring dullards.  If that selfish Robin Gibb would ever croak, I can get to work and show you how it’s really done, you yawn-inducing wannabes.

    • Doobie Brothers

       ”Dick Clark has died. Now we can not ring in the New Year anymore. Well played, Mayans, well played…”. Was very clever and hilarious. Rwoiewuiowie, you are correct, you have no taste.

  • Guest

    There were a few at

  • Gregory Dickens
  • Nunya

    America’s Oldest Teenager now America’s Youngest Corpse

  • Botoups

    @ Dick Clark funeral, I looked down It’s a Dick in the box. A Dick in the box, baby. Open the box It’s a Dick in a box.

  • Darryl Mott Jr.

    “So someone finally made Dick Clark look at his own picture?”

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