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“Text-based site” Twitter accounts are is the next “Shit People Say”. In a week you’ll be able to read the entire internet on one Twitter list.

@PicturelessPinterest was the novelty Twitter account that inspired @TextBasedTumblr and the rest of this fad. It came first, and it’s still pretty great, but here’s who’s sprung up most recently in this new trend of characterizing websites with little text posts:


So far, the cleverest account. At first it was realistic, now it’s more openly mocking.



Started today. Probably will outgrow the others.



A couple days old, and getting insightful!!/textinstagram/status/195789984328978432!/textinstagram/status/195534962131337216!/textinstagram/status/195272884200017920!/textinstagram/status/195920755580612609



Just started this afternoon, already showing promise.



Just an hour old. Decent.

(We’re having a problem embedding the rest of TextBasedReddit’s tweets; go see them all on Twitter.)


This one’s been around for a while, and I guess it isn’t part of this recent wave of Twitter parodies, but holy crap, is it funny. Plus it’s kinda meta. It’s a parody of Twitter on Twitter, and they’re consistently great.

And Slacktory joined in with Text-based 9GAG! But you’ll have to click through to see it for reasons I can’t explain here.

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