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In an “Ask Reddit” thread called “Why is /r/whitepower banned, but /r/blackpower isn’t?“, a Redditor made a pun:

And why does /r/horsepower continue to exist? I didn’t even think horses could use reddit.


And now 106 Redditors are posting in this joke subreddit for horse-rights supporters (official logo above).

One of the first threads is complete gibberish, I’m guessing a “typing with hooves” gag: bkuvhhbjvc ,,fujknbvccxlp90 [,ki67yhun

A post called “BBM (beautiful black mare) NSFW” links to this horse pic:


Best post is “When will we get beyond this kind of bigotry??“:

And the sidebar links to /r/SarahJessicaParkerPower, to which three lonely souls have subscribed.

The funnies thing is just imagining horses around the world all sittin’ at computers and havin’ opinions.

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