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The internet’s giving us new experiences faster than we can name them. Slacktory wants to help. What internet experience needs a name? We’ve started you off with some examples.

Loginquisition: The “forgot password” process invariably required to access an important but rarely-used system (inspired by Joshua Schachter)

Amp of approval: The wave of relief as people upvote/reblog your advice animal, affirming your creativity and relatability (inspired by Henry Birdseye)

token-hearted: A social media post with a single “like”

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  • Chris Dignes

    Just pecking in: Returning to Twitter after an extended hiatus, only to disappear again.

    Losing Pinterest: when reviewers run out of original words and describe new sites as “if  __(one startup)__ met __(another startup)__” or “it’s __(website)__ but for __(noun)__” N.B.:

  • Travelinpairs


    Online Social Entrapment

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