Canvas photo challenge thread

Two weeks ago, Canvas user jessejericho started a photo challenge thread: One user requests a certain kind of photo (like “take the ‘artsiest’ photo wherever you are right now, but it has to have the word ‘Terminator’ in it somewhere”), then the first person to deliver such a photo gets to make the next request.

Starting with “Your car with all windows and doors open, and a banana on the hood,” the chain has gone on for 22 pages over two weeks. The current challenge is “dogs with clothes.”

Now, it has to be a new photo, not something you found online. So if you’ve got a dog around, you can be a Part of History.

Click the pics for the original replies.

“Next: photo of your bedside table.”

“Please write ‘DON’T LET THE THREAD DIE’ anywhere on your body (sfw) with a black sharpie. Epic sticker will be rewarded.”

“Somebody take a picture of the creepiest thing you own.”

“Make an epic battle with all the toys you can find. Bonus points for nostalgic toys.”

And so on.

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