Connor Ratliff holds a donut in I'm Too Fragile For This, Fat

Maybe you have a lot of time? That’s not a bad thing! People act like it’s lazy to relax but it’s not and you are “in luck” right now. Because these little idle conversations between comedians Connor Ratliff and Cathryn Mudon last three to five minutes each and there’s no real plot but why does there always have to be a plot in everything?

These are the three episodes I watched. They were pretty good.

Connor and Cathryn are in UCB, and Connor’s been in some CollegeHumor videos. So that’s why you maybe recognize them.

  • Mo Sync

    Pretty funny.  Love Connor.  He has such good delivery and Cathryn is gorgeous and funny.  That’s the kind of woman I would love to meet.

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