Hologram Tupac Shakur multiplicity

Goddamn, who gave away the source code for the Tupac hologram? He’s everywhere, and my editor Nick just spent ten minutes trying to write a molestation-charges joke.

CollegeHumor found Hologram Tupac in six more places, and meanwhile we found him in another four:



  • Tomjeanroy

    They should ressurect rappers as hologrames before they die and then have them battle it off

  • Rachel Holo

    Hey everyone, If you want real holograms, there is actually a Kickstarter project called
    Litigram that is happening right now, which lets regular people (not just
    Tupac) become holographic (real holograms, not fake projections). Pretty amazing technology. Litigram -

  • Zhari98

    So how did they a voice

  • Zhari98

    how did they get a voice

    • Anonymous


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