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  2. Canvas photo challenge thread

    Join This Massive Photo Challenge Thread on Canvas

    Two weeks ago, Canvas user jessejericho started a photo challenge thread: One user requests a certain kind of photo (like “take the ‘artsiest’ photo wherever you are right now, but it has to have the word ‘Terminator’ in it somewhere”), then the first person to deliver such a photo gets to make the next request.

    Starting with “Your car with all windows and doors open, and a banana on the hood,” the chain has gone on for 22 pages over two weeks. The current challenge is “dogs with clothes.”

    Now, it has to be a new photo, not something you found online. So if you’ve got a dog around, you can be a Part of History.

    See a highlight of the chain. »

  3. Marionettes freak dancing

    Freak-Dancing Puppets in South Africa

    I have nothing to add, except who knows if this video was stolen from someone else and is actually from a totally different country.

    Watch the dancing marionettes. »

  4. Connor Ratliff holds a donut in I'm Too Fragile For This, Fat

    “I’m Too Fragile For This”: Connor Ratliff and Cathryn Mudon’s Web Show About Insecurities

    Maybe you have a lot of time? That’s not a bad thing! People act like it’s lazy to relax but it’s not and you are “in luck” right now. Because these little idle conversations between comedians Connor Ratliff and Cathryn Mudon last three to five minutes each and there’s no real plot but why does there always have to be a plot in everything?

    Watch a show about nothing! By now surely you know that’s actually a good pitch. »

  5. AAEG WhiteWomen

    Lena Dunham Wishes Away the “Girls” Haters: Ask an Evil Genie, Celebrity Edition

    Lena Dunham wishes: I wish that Girls hadn’t been placed under such intense scrutiny before it had even premiered.

    The Evil Genie replies: Boom, done. Your new HBO show, titled Specific Young White Women, premieres to very little fanfare. The internet fails to throw up on itself and then eat its own vomit, not unlike a dog, and you receive a handful of positive reviews from small outfits. You’re a 25-year-old woman with your own TV show! Crazy and amazing.

    The week after the pilot airs, you feel fantastic. Your family and friends, all wealthy famous people, are incredibly happy for you. The women who seek out the show, hard as it is to find, really relate to it and think highly of your capabilities as a writer/director/producer/creator/actress. And no one thinks you’re racist or bourgeois or spoiled or disconnected or the product of good fortune! People don’t take any notice of any of you or your show’s flaws at all. #SpecificYoungWhiteWomen doesn’t trend on Twitter.

    Feminist blogs discuss HBO’s Sunday nights with a passion, but the talk is all turned to Veep (Would you vote for a woman like Selina Meyer? What if she rocked flowery dresses and Doc Martens like Elaine Benes used to? Think pieces abound). There are no parody videos, or screencapped memes, or diatribes from men, or diatribes from women about the diatribes from men, or parody diatribes written by men about diatribes written by women, or parody diatribes written by women about diatribes written by men about women. There’s nothing.

    In the second week, ratings fall. It turns out that your target demographic doesn’t really have HBO, unless they are living and/or staying with their parents… (Read More) »

  6. Keanu, OK Guy and High Expectations Asian Father say follow this blog

    29 Advice Meme Versions of “Follow This Blog, You’ll Love It on Your Dashboard”

    “FOLLOW THIS BLOG. You’ll love it on your dashboard.”

    If you use Tumblr long enough, you come to hate this on your dashboard. It’s the tagline of the 1000notes network, the mouth sore that follows massively reblogged posts around Tumblr.

    But from now on, you can imagine it being said by one of your favorite memes, and then maybe seeing it won’t make you want to shoot your dashboard quite as much.

    READ THIS POST. You’ll love it on your surfboard I don’t even know what joke I’m trying to make but read this post. »

  7. Krispy Kreme rap video

    Krispy Kreme’s “The Baddest”: A Rap You Wrote in Middle School

    ;akjsdf;lkasjdf;lajsdf;lkasdf WHAT. YES.

    I’m really really really worried about the 10% chance this guy isn’t the new actual emperor of comedy, the guy who makes us go “Oh, I guess Lonely Island was kind of worth it, to pave the way for this guy,” and that he actually means it when he sings “I could beat you up even if you had one thousand knives, even if you had infinity knives.”

    Watch ‘The Baddest’, which is the baddest, by which I mean the worst, by which I mean the best? Fuck. »

  8. Nick wears a horse mask

    Nick and Siri Celebrate Passive Voice Day, No Wait, Horse Day

    It has been declared Passive Voice Day! Things will only be said in— NEIGHHHHH! NEIGHHHHH! WE’RE ALL HORSES TODAY! Nick, don’t be an idiot! Siri, don’t be a nerd!

    Watch this! No, don’t watch it. No, watch it! »

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