As I mentioned earlier, I’m playing Draw Something. It’s on mobile devices and Facebook, and it’s delightful. You draw a word for a friend, they guess what it is, then you switch places.

The fun is in watching your friends try to convey ideas with sketches clumsily drawn on smartphones. As I mentioned last week on the Slacktory Tumblr, I’ve seen some great drawings. Your friends will surprise you with absurd references to unexpected things. A friend drew me a werewolf and included a basketball hoop (an excellent Teen Wolf reference). Little touches like that make the game great.

However, not everyone tries so hard. I’m playing a couple games with strangers, and, to put things gently: they are the worst. I don’t know why they even bother.

An oval with the word "egg" written below it


A drawing of ribs with the word "Ribs" written above it


The word "tugboat"


The word "Turkey"

What’s motivating these people? Is it the coins you get when the other person guesses your word? If so, that is ridiculous. Stop ruining fun for fake money, people.

Have any of you saved really shitty drawings in Draw Something? Want to send them with us so we can share them in a future post? If so, contact us at (To take a screenshot with your iPhone, press the Home button and the Power button at the same time. To take a screenshot with your Android device, take a picture of it with an iPhone? I have no idea.)

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