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  1. twitter-lottery-header

    Twitter’s Got Lottery Fever! Here’s What People Are Saying They’d Do if They Won the Lottery

    Tonight’s Mega Millions jackpot is over $640 million, and even though your odds of winning are about 1 in 175,000,000, people are already daydreaming about what they’d do with all that money.

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    We picked out about a dozen more. Trust me, they get weirder. »

  2. Siri teaches Spanish

    Nick and Siri: Siri Teaches Spanish

    Guys, I just had the WORST vacation in Costa Rica.

    Watch Siri teach Spanish, badly. »

  3. Snooki with no makeup

    Celebrities and What Google Image Search Suggests You Add to Their Names

  4. mermaid purse

    Ask an Evil Genie: The Perfect Man-purse

    Mermaid Purse wishes: Hi djinni! Can you please give me the perfect bag? I am a man, so while it’s not a purse, it’s totally a purse.

    Genie answers: Your purse is beauuuuuuuuuuuutiful. I mean, very handsome, because you are a man. It has all the space you need and the leather is smooth and shiny and this lovely forest green color, which is very masculine indeed, don’t worry, and there is a space for your iPhone and a space for your Blackberry and a space for your granola bar and a place for your keys and a little pocket for your compact mirror hunting knife and the zippers are zippy and the snaps are snappy and oh, you are just in ultra-butch heaven. You show your new carryall off to everyone: friends and family and co-workers and store clerks and delivery guys and strangers in bars and strangers in cars and an astrologist and a nice lady at the supermarket and your cousin who works for PETA and what, is there a problem?

    Your perfect bag, as it turns out, is made from… do you want to guess? »

  5. Meatloaf and potatoes

    The 12-Year-Old Donut Critic Attacks Cafeteria Food

    Editor Nick here. I found the 12-year-old who wrote the famous “Plain donuts are fake” essay, and I’ve hired her to write a column, via her super-cool-about-this mother.

    This post is not a joke, this is truly and actually Evelyn C., author of “The Fake Donut”.

    Evelyn vs Cafeteria Food

    Meatloaf photo by Sarah Wu, “Fed Up With Lunch”

  6. hungergameslogo600

    The Hunger Games, Reviewed Based Only on GIFs

    Over the past week, the internet was flooded with GIFs and photoshopped montages for the new movie, The Hunger Games. There are hundreds of nearly identical webcomics of the main characters joking about bread and cake. I’m sure there’s a Tumblr dedicated to Hunger Games/Arrested Development mashups.

    After days of unwillingly subjecting myself to artfully constructed GIFs on Tumblr, I feel comfortable recapping this movie for vault dwellers or any lucky person who escaped the fandom torrent unscathed.

    Let’s get into it. »

  7. Aplusk Twitter avatar

    People Just Figuring Out That “AplusK” Is Ashton Kutcher’s Initials

    Ashton Kutcher recently changed his Twitter avatar to the above stylized “A + K”. A lot of his fans hadn’t understood his username, @aplusk, until then. Some still don’t understand.

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    [blackbirdpie url="!/itsjalislade/status/184897707570241536"]

    See more confused Kutcher fans, a surprising amount of whom have Justin-Bieber-themed usernames. »

  8. Beth Hoyt on My Damn Channel LIVE

    My Damn Channel LIVE Starts at 4 Eastern!

    Hey did you know we’re part of a blog/video network called My Damn Channel? Well, we’re part of a blog/video network called My Damn Channel!

    And today they’re launching a daily (holy shit) live show at this YouTube channel click it click the link. (Or watch it below.) There’s a chat starting at 3:30 before the show goes live at 4.

    Here’s Beth Hoyt to introduce the show!

    Click this ‘read more’ link click it come on click it unff I have the energy of a million suns »

  9. Righteous Dude lady from Ferris Beuller's Day Off
  10. Hunger Games kids

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