Dr Livingstone

Sorry to be all “Reddit Daily Reporter” but they keep inventing forms of jokes and that’s really cool.

Someone’s made an account called RedditJournal where he acts like an explorer discovering Reddit. About once a day, this guy leaves a journal entry as a comment in some popular thread. He’s visiting different subreddits, reporting on the site’s customs like a 19th-century Westerner in the heart of Africa.

Day 12: Still recovering from the previous two days. Distrustful of everyone. Even a supposed Frito-Lay employee seems suspiscious to me. Why would someone lie about such a thing? Must be paranoid. Food low again. Water at an acceptable level, rationing the rest. I should get some sleep.

Addendum: One helpful Redditor took notice of my sleepless state. He kindly suggested I travel to a place,”r/nosleep,” for others like myself who seek solace and rest. I am hopeful.

/r/nosleep is a subreddit for creepy stories meant to keep you awake and terrified. So… so that’s a joke that is probably less funny if you don’t know much about Reddit, shut up, you’re a stupid.

So the account’s cute, but what made it post-worthy is the Reddit_Search_Team account that’s started to follow him, leaving their own journal:

Further down the trail we found a group of incredibly jovial Redditors. They confirmed meeting someone fitting Dr. Livingston’s description. They had been partying pretty hard, and said while they did give the man a gift made of gold, it never occurred to them to offer him food. Dr. Livingston’s pace seems to be slowing even more, and he seems to be dragging his feet. I hope we find him soon, or he finds food. We are making good time and seem to be gaining on him fast. I have a special box of Japooties with me that I am saving just for him.

And Japooties are a reference to this Redditor’s story.

Finally, the two-month-old account thebumblingnarrator is following RedditJournal, giving dramatic readings via mp3.

Anyway, Reddit is a magical playground of joke evolution, the end.

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    lol @ reddit novelty accounts…  /user/alliterateit

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