The Calling

This music video has goths popping bubbles!

I’m legitimately happy that the march of technology has not stopped everyone from making 90s-quality videos.

There’s something about the Mark-Gormley-esque production quality in this music video that makes me imagine these people live in late-night karaoke. Their world is forever soundtracked, forever dim and corsetted. Remember being drunk and awake at 3 AM in a stranger’s white-walled apartment after a Rocky Horror screening? These people are in that moment all the time.

I’m not being sarcastic — just fetishistic — when I say this video is one of the “nice things” I worried the internet age might not let us have. If everyone gets “cool” and their creative tools all enforce a certain level of polish and legibility, it’ll be hard to find something genuinely weird rather than just quirky. So it’s heartening to see straight-up weird stuff from straight-up weird people.

Via: dalas verdugo

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