The trend of minimalist movie posters really hasn’t gone minimalist enough. Some of these posters use multiple shapes and colors! That’s bullshit. I made 13 truly minimalist posters that fully evoke classic films.

  • Rob Beschizza

    Scroll page up and down rapidly for 2001: A Space Odyssey

    • Anonymous


    • Will Burnett!

      Or Enter The Void.

  • johndavidstutts

    I dont got it

  • keiren

    Private ryan should be camo green

    • Anonymous

       …and not Wermacht gray.

  • Rob Beschizza

    Scroll page up and down rapidly on a iPad 1 running IOS 5 for “Crash”


      LOVE IT

    • Anonymous

      Oh geez is our site broken?

      • Rob Beschizza

        No no, iOS 5 just shits itself on iPad 1 a lot!

  • Jan Angevine

    “Field of Dreams”- corn colored.

    • sam

       ”Australia” – Ochre

  • mikemcl

    Lawrence of Arabia should be rotated 90 degrees.

    • sam

       excellent spatial thinking.  But I’ve never seen a landscape film poster… got to fit the formula.

  • Matthew Petty

    Obvious ones for the straight color motif: Blue Velvet, The Color Purple, Profondo Rosso, L’Age d’Or

  • Beth Z

    Thanks for reminding me why Minimalism is my most hated artistic movement! :D 

  • Jose

    There’s been a mistake.  Poster #5 is for Warren Beatty’s movie “Reds”, not “American Beauty”.

  • CR

    What about “Colors”?


     The best satire imaginable for all those idiotic fan posters that have flooded the net.  American History X is especially well done, how long did the artwork take to complete?

    • Anonymous

      Jed billed me for about three years of nonstop work, and I trust him.

  • Tom Pappalardo

     You’ve captured my heart. A blog post I wrote a few months back: (updated to include a link to these – in a good way.)

  • Alexander Diminiano

    Not to put down your…”artwork”……….but this really disappointed me.  I was actually looking for minimalist posters for my blog, not poster-sized images of solid-color backgrounds with no foreground.  :(  But I have to admit, I did like the Shrek one, and the Avatar one was a good turn-on to this otherwise questionable list.  :)

    • Anonymous

      Hahahahahah fuck your blog.

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