You ever wonder what our favorite internet pics would look like if they weren’t shot with nice cameras or edited with Photoshop? If we ditched the digital cameras and just painted everything in watercolor? And also the paintings looked like shit?

That’s what Reddit user Shitty_Watercolour is doing. This person has only been on Reddit for two days, but he or she’s already painted dozens of images that other people have submitted.

For example, when someone in r/gaming submitted the image below with the title “Finally, I received a practical gift“,

Shitty_Watercolour replied with this watercolor rendition:

The first comment after his reply? “what the fuck.” Yep, that sounds about right.

Shitty_Watercolour hasn’t said why they’re doing this. (We don’t even know if the person on the account is a man or woman! He or she hasn’t posted anything other than links to watercolor paintings, nor have they included their genitals in a shot.) You stop asking why someone would do this after you’ve seen a few of his watercolors. I guess there’s no reason to paint a little Mario figurine holding an iPhone charge cable beyond a) it’s practice or b) nobody knows why, deal with it.

Here are a few of my favorites:

‘And in the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer’

Some pals and I turned the local go kart track into Mario Kart this past weekend. It was pretty epic.

Happy Birthday you magnificent bastard!

Perfect timing

Fox and the Hound IRL

Pretty great, right? But wait: it gets better. In what seems to be a trend in which Reddit novelty accounts receive their own novelty accounts, Shitty_Watercolour’s paintings are getting seriously critiqued by (wait for it) SeriousCritic.

For example, someone posted this image of a puppy inside a pumpkin:

Shitty_Watercolour made it more awesome:

Then SeriousCritic offered this critique:

Gored Puppy (1904)

One of S.W.’s earliest pieces is also among his most colorful. This particular work depicts a hapless pup named Lightning (an transliterated adaptation of the canine’s proper Swissaustriohungarian name, Dundeleckatrickty) who, having had the lower half of his torso removed, found it appopriate to pose for a sixteen-hour-long portraiture session. In preparation for the session, the pup gorged himself on and unprecedented sixteen gallons of Ruby Red Flavouraide®. The resulting depiction is that of a Scottish pup who is essentially suspended inside of his own bladder.

The person who originally posted the photo of the dog in the pumpkin did not understand, and in what appears to be some second-level what-the-fuckery, replied “What?? What did I just read? LOL”.  If Shitty_Watercolour is unexpected, then SeriousCritic is even more confusing.

But at the same time, it’s not that surprising. You’ve already got one person focusing their attention on a very specific thing, I guess it makes sense, in a very weird, internet-y way, for a second to focus that same type of specific attention on the first person. That’s one way creativity works. “If you’re doing that, then I’ll do something like it, but to you.” It’s often entertaining, and even when this type of very specific tomfoolery falls flat, what’s the worst that can happen? There’s another Reddit comment we ignore? Big deal. Bring it on, Internet.

For more shitty watercolor paintings, check out Shitty_Watercolour. For more absurdly articulate reviews of Shitty_Watercolour’s paintings, check out SeriousCritic. Thanks to both of them for being as awesome as they are incredibly specific.

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