sleeping baby

Philips AVENT, which makes things for feeding babies, made this “viral ad” full of moms showing how they make their babies fall asleep. And they pitched me on it and I was ready to hate it but nope it’s gripping.

And it’s creepy. I thought babies only ever fell asleep through a long, painful process, like adults. But these babies fall asleep instantly, like a switch turned, each after a special trigger.

The trigger is just “let him hold a washrag” or “tap her nose” but I made it sound more Manchurian Candidate on purpose, because that is how it feels. If a person shuts down this quickly, it’s because something in the brain is broken.

Philips AVENT breaks babies’ brains.

Marketing people: Keep sending me these videos!

  • KOW

    Well that just ruined my night. I am 53 y.o., and I have no kids and never never never ever wanted kids. Until this video. Too late for me.

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