Who is the most famous?

The “Who Is The Most Famous?” game asks a simple question: Who is the most famous person named “Mark?” You guess, and you get Family-Feud-style points for guessing the same as most people. Then you complete another name, and another until you are 85 and what happened to your life?

I feel really proud when one of the “smart” names is the most famous, but then I see that the most famous Jackson is “Jackson Michael”.

By the way, it hangs sometimes. Just refresh the page.

  • Kalie

    “You’re a star! No more questions for you.

    New levels coming soon, follow us and be the first to know.”

    Rude! Cut off at #55, I wanna be #1! Jeez.

    • Yonialter

      u’ll get a chance to improve your rank once we’ll add our next phase of the game. Follow @mostfamousgame to be notified

  • Andrea Dixon

    Aw man! I was around 150 yesterday and it stopped working. Fun though!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, it apparently hangs sometimes. Just refresh the page.

  • Anonymous

    This game has ruined us!

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