I don’t know much about Star Trek characters. I know that Shatner had sex with a lot of alien hotties, and that the guy from Reading Rainbow wore a robotic headband over his eyes so he could see. Captain Picard is the bald one. Up until now, I had no idea that Worf, the Klingon guy with the ridges on his forehead from Star Trek: The Next Generation, got so universally shit on.

What follows is a video in which Worf gets shut down, rejected, and insulted for 15 minutes. People ignore his advice, question his authority, and all-around treat him like a buffoon. He’s Parks and Recreation‘s Jerry character, only he’s scary looking and everyone’s on a spaceship. I promise you, no previous Star Trek knowledge is required to appreciate this video of one character getting casually dismissed for 15 minutes.

Via: Metafilter

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