Reddit’s certainly no stranger to bizarro subreddits. There’s one for Team Fortress 2 fashion advice, and another that appears to be about nothing but the letter G. They’re specific to the point of being absurd. That’s how these things work.

r/MyLittleDamon is a subreddit dedicated to Matt Damon. I guess My Little Pony’s in there too, but let’s get real here: it’s really just a vehicle for delivering Matt Damon’s face.

On r/MyLittleDamon, there are no upvotes or downvotes. Only UpDamons. That adds this weird positivity to the entire subreddit. It’s not just a weird obsession; it’s a happy weird obsession.

There are so many Matt Damons per Square Inch (MDpsi) that eventually it becomes kind of amusing. I can’t explain it. I think this whole concept of “just keep adding Matt Damons until it’s funny” clicked with me when I watched this video of a Matt Damon texture pack for Minecraft:

This video gets better with every Matt Damon reveal. Matt Damon doors, a Matt Damon bed. When you mine, the blocks slowly turn into Matt Damon’s face. Toward the end of that video you think you’ve seen every possible opportunity where you could insert Matt Damon into Minecraft, then boom! He looks up and the moon is Matt Damon’s face. WHAT.

Now that I’m at the end of this post, I’m not even sure if Matt Damon is a thing anymore. Every time I type “Matt Damon”, I’m not sure if I spelled “Matt Damon” right, or if “Matt Damon” even means anything. Semantic satiation has kicked in for the phrase “Matt Damon.” Matt Damon Matt Damon Matt Damon Matt Damon, Matt Damon.

Matt Damon.

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