Six years old is not a toddler

Because it’s manufactured hate. I don’t want this in my life. Yes, the parents probably really are monsters, and they probably really are creating more monsters.

But we can’t trust this show, can we? The producers of Toddlers and Tiaras and the broadcasters at TLC do not have either their or our best interests at heart.

It’s (and this part is not news) so blatantly engineered to make us hate the mother and child. The effects and the music and the timing, they’re like pouring sugar on a bowl of chicken noodle soup. They’re supposed to make it more palatable, by showing that the show is in on the joke, but it just destroys any value by demonstrating that the show doesn’t give a shit about these people, and they really want us to loathe them. For four seasons. They’re not doing these people any favors. They’re not educating anyone out of a grotesque way of life, or raising awareness for any good reason. It’s not a fucking documentary.

I know no one would consciously defend it as such. But everyone (except Videogum) will just go “LOL hicks”, “stupid parents” and (actual YouTube comment) “The mom seriously burped on camera. What a disgusting pig. OMG!! Please for the love of God and all that is holy STOP BREEDING!!!!!! If you can’t spell procreate, then don’t do it!!!!!!!” and forget that Toddlers & Tiaras put the actual burp on a TV show. For money.

We watch this shit and we feel superior to this family, going haw haw at the grossies for being products of corn-syrup consumer culture, while we watch this mass-broadcast TV show. Fuck what the pope says, hate is far more evil than greed and gluttony. Blue states lose.

I’m saying nothing new, and I’m just adding hate to hate, but please go do experience an emotion other than superiority and disgust.


Video via Henry Birdseye

  • tralala

    i so so agree. I feel ashamed of myself. Who are we when we watch the show too :/ i feel bad for the kids though

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