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I don’t want to alarm anyone, but a teenager posted an awkward video to YouTube.

Try watching it. I dare you. I bailed after 15 seconds on my first attempt, then tried again a couple hours later. It’s cringe-inducing. Your face will contort into a look of disgust you didn’t think was possible. Yeah, this video’s so awkward your face will do new things.

While I’m sure the internet’s full of awkward videos from teenagers, this one’s apparently special. Posted only 8 days ago, this video’s already got over 387,000 views. That is a lot of views for a video in which a shirtless kid calls someone “baby girl” in a swivel chair for 2 minutes.

I think the creepy part of this video isn’t what he’s saying (which is, of course, still horribly creepy). Rather, it’s creepy because I think most of us can relate to it in some capacity. Being a teenager is the worst! You have all these dumb feelings and hormones and you can’t articulate yourself all that well. Then this kid records a video in which he takes all those feelings and shares them without any shame or shirts. It’s creepy because holy crap, that’s what being a teenager is like and it’s raw and obsessive and worst of all mildly relatable.

Now that the video’s gone viral, it’s time for the internet to make fun of it so we can all feel a little less dirty for having watched it in the first place. YouTube dude boogie2988 posted a parody video yesterday that indirectly addresses two key things about the original video:

  1. This type of obsessive talking is much creepier when it comes from anyone other than a teenager.
  2. The kid sounds like a serial killer.

Check it out:

There are a few other parodies and remixes out there, but they’re mostly terrible and not worth linking to. However, this meme’s still relatively young, so I’m sure it’ll only be a matter of days until it blossoms into a dead horse that the internet beats for another couple months.

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  • Barneygoogle

    I really think a mroglolblo followup post is in order. I mean jesus fucking christ.

  • Matt

    Sure he’s shirtless, but for godsakes he only has one shirt hanging in his closet. 

  • Harrytotal

    There’s an 8 bit parody that’s quite cool. I like it

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