Nokia 3310 abs banner

Jokes about the old indestructible Nokia 3310 cellphone are currently labeled by Know Your Meme as a “recent fad, with a lot of possibilities of becoming a meme.” We’re gonna make it a meme. This is how the internet works now.

KYM credits 9Gag for creating the meme, which probably means someone on Reddit made it. Here are a few of the original posts.

And I made a few of my own:

  • Harsit Garg

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  • Riggy Riggs

    I used to have one of those phones, they sure were rock solid phone. Drop it, oh well, dust it off continue on with the phone call.

  • Dakejev

    I still have this phone in use. It has survived quite a few things. My family got me a new Nokia 500 as Christmas presence, telling me to “get on with the times”. Anything that can’t survive being dropped on the floor won’t survive a long time with me.

  • Imran Shafqat

    I still remember the day when my very very old nokia 3310 was not working and my fathers thrown it to ground multiple times and then it just started working. Later I sold it for USD $5.

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