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Has your phone started receiving text messages containing fun, informative cat facts from an unknown number? Have you found yourself unable to unsubscribe, and the cat facts just keep on coming? Then you may be someone’s dumb friend or relative in the latest prank to hit the internet.

The prank got popular last week when someone posted a series of phone screenshots to Reddit with the title, “So my little cousin posted on FB that he was bored and gave everyone his new phone number…

The top comment for this post was from a guy who asked, “Was this inspired by me at all? If so I’m flattered.” And you know what the guy who posted those screenshots did? He said yes and then the two of them had a very polite conversation! The first guy apologized to the second guy for using his idea and stealing his karma, and the second guy said it was totally cool and it wasn’t entirely his idea to begin with. That’s a horribly mundane story, but have you been on the internet before? Do you realize how rare that is? Two internet guys made similar jokes and then weren’t shitty to each other. That’s the four-leaf clover of human decency. Nice work, guys.

There have been more Reddit posts referencing Cat Facts. The joke is basically to annoy a friend or stranger with cat facts texts, then make it look like it’s impossible to quit. There. That is the joke. I have just dissected it and now it is dead to you. Sorry.

But the jokes have continued. Here’s Boromir on Cat Facts:

That’s how the internet understands new memes. It uses older memes to contextualize new ones. Of course, there are still more Cat Facts posts on Reddit, too.

You may as well understand the concept of Cat Facts so, should it come up again, you can nod knowingly at the joke instead of skipping it. This is the internet. It’s okay to fill your head with garbage.

All joking aside, the real victim here is the completely unrelated website I can only assume they’re getting harassed by people who want to unsubscribe from this fake Cat Facts service, so they’ve had to put a disclaimer at the top of their homepage.

“This Cat Facts page does not gather people’s emails or phone numbers and has no technology capable of sending out messages.” Man, not only is this unfortunate person on the defensive, but he’s sad that he doesn’t even have the means to bug everybody. He’s doing the internet equivalent of throwing his hands up in the air and shouting, “I couldn’t annoy you if I wanted to!”

The owner of appears to be some nice person who just really likes cats and cat knowledge. Right now, hundreds of people could be getting prank Cat Facts text messages from their friends. Those people are angrily googling “cat facts”, ending up on, then emailing some poor hobbyist. That is what is happening right now.

You’re all monsters.

  • el raab

    This is really funny. Especially the part about the four-leaf clover of human decency. I am trying not to laugh at work.

  • Farted.. twice

    Seriously I just wanna know how to stop the fucking things. XD

    • Anonymous

      The lesson is that one of your friends is pranking you, and you need to find out who.

    • Catfacts

      to sign up your friends go to!

      • Dude

        So uh yeah i went to that website sent them the number….nothing is happening wtf

  • Jay

    THANK YOU for doing the legwork of finding the source. Nobody attributes stuff these days.

  • Ktholt81

    This happened to me a few days ago. I asked him to stop and he continued so I told him I had authorites tracking him down for harassment. The texts stopped immediately.

  • Johnshermer

    how do you prank someone with the cat facts sms

  • Guest

    Where do I go to prank my friends then?

  • Please Answer Comment

    They emailed me do they do that too?

  • Aaron Roeper

    just sign onto their mobile account provider’s site and reset their password. then tell them that you changed it. they smarten up after that.

  • Ibefreeman
    • Anonymous

      Nice! They don’t seem to actually have a text-subscribe option, right?

  • SG

    So it’s not 1of these things costing loads? That’s fine then lol thanks!

  • Michael Hammond
  • Meobrien18

    What is the number?

    • Anonymous

      Please read the article this time.

  • Catfacts

    to sign up your friends go to!

  • catfatcsman

    to sign your friends up for cat facts go to:

  • Catfacts

  • megoop

    how do i sign up??????!!!!

  • jp

    To make it stop i know with Verizon you can forward the text to 7726 or Spam and they stop it immediately after you fwd it a message pops up and you send them the number as well…i unfortunately dead with childish assholes and just recently had this done to me

  • TitusvilleSurfer

    I got a word for word cat facts almost a decade ago. This is nothing new and neither of them can take credit.

  • meowrrr

    LMAO. I had a friend going for two days. she’s a dog lover.

  • Jenn Kobelt

    Henry, I officially love you meow. Best and funniest writing style I’ve encountered in a while. <3 you forever!

  • Heydere0987

    Just block the number :|

  • Holiday Mike

  • Mister Guy

    I’ve found out my guy’s address. ;D

  • Mister Guy

    So…yeah. I’ll just tell him/her to stop. = =

  • abbey

    how do i send these !!

  • fitzy420

    How do i subscribe to them?! I want daily cat facts

  • i like


  • ell

    how do i sign someone up for this? the website link thats been posted doesnt seem to work

  • bJj

    I get daily phone calls wtf do I do? I’m about to go to the cops

  • gallowsCalibrator413

    THEY JUST CALLED ME ON THE FRICKIN’ PHONE. Not texted CALLED and I never signed up for this! Save me!

  • Ugh
  • michael brightman

    I love cat facts!

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