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Matt Jurns studied library science at Kent State University. We made him read blogs for the first time. Today he reads Gawker.

What is Gawker’s deal? I know what Gawker Media does, and I know what each of the blogs in its extended family do; but Gawker itself is baffling. Is it just all the stuff that doesn’t fit into the niches of the other sites? Is it Nick Denton’s Tumblr?

I know it says ‘gossip’; but that seems so vague as to be meaningless. Even the ‘about’ page doesn’t describe it, it just has a supercut of people on the news saying ‘’. It reads like an everything bagel tastes, there are so many things that I can’t pick out what’s going on. This isn’t my write-up, I’m genuinely confused.

Discussion question: When did you stop reading Gawker, and how many times has its readership doubled since?

  • Ferrer

    Whoa. I was just coming here to send you a tip through your tip email. I was gonna quote this comment I’d left at Daily Intel in a post about Gawker. (

    Basically my comment said this:
    “Speaking of open experiments, do any of these Gawker writers that are gonna ‘stretch their wings’ wanna make $1,000.00 by any chance? Because this awesome ‘anti-Gawker’ trailer (that Time’s Joel Stein just called ‘genius,’ btw) is offering up the money for a writer to write about Gawker, and it would totally awesome if that writer was a writer for Gawker.

    Seriously though, I am kinda dying to read this piece already. As soon as it’s written.”

    And then I was gonna ask: Do any writers here wanna make $1000? Do any writers here have any balls? Seriously, this is getting ridiculous already.

    Yeah so, anybody? Anybody? Bueller? Jurns? Lothe?

    There’s my tip. You’re welcome.

    • Anonymous

      ATTENTION SLACKTORY WRITERS: Any of you who take this job will be summarily fired, and your health insurance will be retroactively revoked. I have orders straight from Nick Denton, for whom I still obviously work.

      • Ferrer

        Oh, so that’s the game you wanna play. OK, well, I happen to be one of maybe 8 or 9 some odd people who think Abbe Diaz is gonna be HUGE someday. Like Fran Drescher huge. An Indian psychic said so.

        Stay shackled to the Dark Overlord if you want, but don’t be surprised if one day in the distant future you have a writer’s epiphany and decide to turn to the light- like Hollywood for example. Only to find out the resume you submitted for staff writer of Two and a Half Men in 3D was smacked down from somewhere up above with the words, “Wait, Gawker? Slacktory…? Yea, not so fast there.”

        Remember, it’s not just a cool G; it’s karmically delicious.

  • Ryan Gallagher

    Has anyone read William Gibson? I think Gawker will lead to Slitscan

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