So this guy Josh, a.k.a. The Ronin, was used as a meme. Not the kind like Scumbag Steve or Annoying Facebook Girl, where it’s kind of not about them. Josh’s meme looks like this:


But Josh, who came out this week with an Ask Me Anything thread on Reddit and a radio interview, says he got over it.

First time, I was a little angry, little outraged, but not over reactive. Second time, it was pretty much “lol, internet”.

Josh has been a redditor for a few months. In November he posted a shot of pansexual singer Amanda Palmer kissing him.

So, karma, etc.

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  • peteski

    hover hand never dies

  • Esmertina Bicklesnit

    Love!  Him!  Go!  Josh!

  • Michael Mcintyre3

    Damn! If it brings kisses from Amanda Palmer, make me a fat meme right now! Fantastic, Josh!

  • Peachey Carnahan

    Redditor + hover-hands = probably coining his own horrifying new ladder theory.

  • Kevin L. Clark

    Goooo Josh!

  • luy


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