Freckle overload

There’s this running joke on the internet about an acne-scarred C.H.U.D. (or Butthurt Dweller) finding fault with any and all images of women in order to alleviate the self-hatred and loneliness that goes along with being a neckbearded netizen — “I can’t find a decent woman, not because I’m just awful in every way, but because all the women in my town have such big foreheads and stubby toes. Disgusting!”

This mindset has borne a new meme, “2/10 Would Not Bang,” in which 4chan users post images of flawless women and compete against each other to find fault in increasingly creative ways, and then dismiss them with the Comic Book Guy-channeling verdict: 2/10, Would Not Bang.

At first glance it appears to be a horrific example of the male gaze taken to the extreme of modernity, in which men now have access to an endless cornucopia of female perfection from which to pluck their favorites and cast off thousands of otherwise gorgeous women into the abyss of indifference, or worse, repulsion.

And then you realize, nope! Just clever satire of all that.

See more of the same at Know Your Meme and Uproxx.

Discussion question: If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be, besides the obvious?

  • Cait

    I’m confused as to how this isn’t still misogyny. Just because they are doing it under the guise of humor doesn’t mean it isn’t.

  • Rebecca O’Neal

    “Stunt pussy” is hilarious.

  • Kat

    Holy crap I know one of them!

    • Anonymous

      Oh nice, which one?

    • FrancisJav

      The one with the penis?

  • kennigit

    le lolled, but i think u’ll find it started on reddit :D

    • Anonymous

      I’m willing to see evidence!


       >implying anything actually starts on reddit

    • Anonymous

      LMAO, nothing starts on reddit. Newfag.

      • Foo is at the bar

        Don’t you mean carrots? HAHAHAHA

    • Anonymous


  • Yourmom

    This is the stupidest meme I have ever seen. True dat. Let flow the hate comments from all you reddit and 4chan users.!

  • Thisguy

    All right, I’ll take one for the team.

  • Walker3842

    Who is #2?

  • Anonymous

    Hey, guess what, invoking a ton of hateful, misogynistic bullshit does not in fact combat misogyny!  I know that might seem amazing, but it’s true.

    • John Davis

       Eat a bag of dicks, you humorless cow.

      • Anonymous

        Well, I would, but you know, cows are vegetarian.  Still, I don’t guess that rules yours out.

      • Anonymous

        Disemvoweled, you weirdo.

    • Last Resort

      omg shut everything down because Judy can’t take a joke … and most likely not a dick either. what a censoring cunt. stfu and go back to beating your children – and not this this thread of free speech.

      • Anonymous

        Actually, this is not a thread of free speech! This is a thread of “If you wanna be an asshole, go get your own blog.” You’ve been disemvoweled.

    • The_immortal_gila_monster

      Sigh. The unrealistic high standards set for women *are the joke*. I am quite sure 4chan would eagerly bang all of these women.

      • Anonymous

        I get “the joke”.  “The joke” is not funny.   “The joke” still hinges on the premise that a woman’s value is based on whether or not men want to “bang” her.

        • Snapplepops Poopshispants

          well that one bitch desperately needs to clean the floor, its really more about self respect at this point… also things can also just be funny independent of what your narrow world view construes them to be about. In conclusion, “Hey, trick!”

        • Jordan Wayne Lewis


        • ohdear

          You sound like a hell of a lot of fun.

  • Disgusted

    I’m glad you think you are changing the world with your “clever satire,” but actually you are an asshole who could NOT get any of the women being judged. I hope you are “Forever Alone” ha did you get that?? Exactly, just being as “clever” as you are.

    • Disgusted

      im fat and forever alone and hate that ill never get laid

  • Disgusted

    Also, your transphobia and antisemitism is not funny.

    • Anonymous

      I think you’re confusing us for the people who made these. I recommend you spend some time on 4chan, introduce yourself, post some photos of yourself. They’re very friendly to newcomers.

      • Anonymous

        You did not make them, but according to you headline, you think they are hilarious. You might want to think about that.

        Our culture subjects all women, conventionally attractive or not, to the pervading idea that they can never be good enough, no matter what.  That’s just one of the reasons that this “satire” is not funny.

        • Josh Brodhurst-Hill

           No sense of humour, 2/10. Would not bang!

          • Anonymous

            Thinks misogyny is funny, 0/Everything.  Would not get the chance.

          • Anonymous

            Let’s have a contest of “who has more free time”!

          • snap

            Is that the only word you know? The hilarity of Western “feminism” is that they spend their time moaning about wage gaps and strip joints when they should pay attention to how PROPER mistreatment of women is going on in the middle east. But then again, that would conflict with your politically correct liberal ideology, hm?

          • JudyBlue

            And your “clever” rebuttal is to drag out the “it’s worse elsewhere” chestnut? That argument is so old that it’s covered in mold and dinosaur crap. I’m perfectly capable of caring about women both in my own country and in other places. Thinking about more than one thing at a time, it’s a little ability I picked up back in preschool. Try it out sometime. After that, maybe work on empathy, and stop using the suffering of women in other places as a “point” to defend your privilege.

          • Userjoe9066

             I’m laughing so hard right now!!

        • snap

          You might not think it’s funny, but what’s funnier is that everyone else thinks it’s funny. Why don’t you go preach your feminist bullshit to those who need it, like the women in the middle east. We’ve all heard enough of you lot crying about wage gaps and strip joints.

    • Dasbudorg


  • Yep

    >thinks women are flawless ever
    2/10 would not bang

  • Char Aznable

    Disgusted, why are you such a butthurt feminist?
    Is it because the evil CIS men are putting you down?

  • Last Resort

    This is the answer to the “I’m (a) fat (POS) and proud … (and underhandedly am endorsing poor health and diabetes)” memes that have been offensively clogging up the internets lately. I am a fan.

  • Pi Patel

    I don’t see what’s hilarious about this. A whole bunch of pathetic people with no self esteem and a whole lot of time on their hands critiquing strangers they don’t know just doesn’t appeal to me. 

  • Anonymous

    No.  Because it’s NOT OKAY.

    • Kimchi Makesmybuttpee

      actually sometimes people can ripped on for no reason, kind of like you!

    • Kimchi Makesmybuttpee

      hey judy blew-me, are you by any chance the chick in the picture who has is carrying a concealed weapon? if you know what I mean…

  • Just a Guest

    lol so many retards commenting.If you feel offended, please visit this site.

  • You

    Apparently this guy will never get laid

  • fu.srsly


  • Anonymous

    Implying you wont get DDos’d by spreading cancer & breaking rules 1&2 . . . 

    • Anonymous

      1+2 only apply to raids newfag.

  • Braulio Gorillo

    This is fucking cancer, please die.

  • Karl Los Miller

    and what if the girls in these pics read what is said about them?  is that funny to rag on another human being in such a way?

    • Anonymous

      2/10 would not reply

    • Turdmidget

      What if they do? The world isn’t going to end. If they don’t get the joke, they might be offended. And offending people who don’t get the joke is half the fun!

    • Anonymous

      The fact that a girl makes it into one of these pictures pretty much by definition is a compliment to them, so they should be flattered. The only people these rag on are the ridiculous critics being satirized.

  • Daniel Zastoupil

     Not sure why everyone’s taking this so seriously.  F***ing hilarious.  If you don’t like it, just hit the Stumble button.  That’s what it’s there for.  I love women, more than my own manly race of man, but that’s not gonna keep me from enjoying some funny pics every now and then.

    • lawl

      Poser feminists have to find some way of using up all their free time, it’s not like they’re going to address any real issues any time soon.

  • scsj

    I’m not mortally offended by this, but honestly, most of these are just plain old criticisms. I know they’re meant in jest, but they’re generally not even clever and just come off as douchey. The only funny ones were the totally off-the-wall ones, like “has criticisms written all over her” and “white forcing me to use black colored font.” This meme is supposed to be social commentary about how ridiculous people get with their critiques of others. To do that successfully, the criticisms need to be way, way ridiculous. Most of these honestly just look like things assholes would actually say. That’s the issue, not the idea itself. The idea is good, it’s just executed poorly.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, you have a WAY higher standard of hotness than me.

      • CaptainSykes

        your profile matches your comment perfectly

        • Jordan Wayne Lewis


    • whinge

      I guess you’ve never been on 4chan. The whole concept of these badly made jokes is all about this obvious observation. The people complaining on here must be damn old.

  • Lol

    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  • Jamiesoncash

    I think I’d probably hit most of them. Guess bitter trolls don’t get much pussy

  • Kip

    yea.. you gay

  • Benriv16

    the guy that made this must be gay or we have the worlds most jealous bitch XD

  • whyohwhy

    Stop whining you tremedous faggots. This is a JOKE.

  • Yokes

    Boy makes memes after being rejected by girls………….

  • Finchebon

    is it bad that i really dont think this is funny…?

    • Diz

      Its satire

  • llooolllffuuuu

    If it’s real, 4chan is full of gays and virgins; if it’s a joke, it’s not funny. At all.

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