Posts Published January 2012

  1. Modest Mouse

    If Your Favorite Websites Were Musicians

    Google: Modest Mouse

    You started out with the same humble origins as everyone else, but then right around 2004, something changed: you hit the big time. And don’t get me wrong, everyone is really happy for you. We’re just…we’re just not really sure if we can trust you anymore, you know? Power corrupts, after all. You’re still popular and probably will be for years to come, but that, quirky, offbeat cred you were capitalizing on for so many years? Yeah, it’s time to let go of that.

    See what bands are like Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo. »

  2. ctrl-c banner

    Webcomic Webcomic: Ctrl+C

    We found Justin Hall through his hand-drawn rage comics on Reddit. Now he’s drawing webcomics about webcomics for Slacktory.

    He’s planning a webcomic about his own webcomic.

    Read this week’s comic! »

  3. Gumbel

    Gumbel: Channel 101′s Best New Show

    Channel 101 is just a bunch of filmmakers in L.A. who make 5-minute TV episodes for each other. Each month they hold a screening and vote which shows get to make more episodes.

    They just released the second episode of Gumbel, about a British soccer fan named Bryant Gumbel (“yeah, like the fucking newscaster”) dealing with a breakup ugh ugh ugh that description doesn’t tell you a single thing about how fresh and fun this show is.

    Watch it. Taste the fresh and fun. »

  4. snap-happy

    What England Is Like, Based on These Ridiculous Magazine Tips

    Written after scrolling through these.

    Amy from Slough says, “I can’t afford pricey sand! So I filled my sandbox with water. It’s fun and thrifty!”

    Picture 1: Waterlogged sandbox. It looks MISERABLE.

    Starburst quote: “Carly says: ‘What fun! This is a tip that I will do.’”

    Picture 2: Carly smiles impossibly while sitting cross-legged in a sandbox full of muddy water.

    Discussion question: Does the United Kingdom only have fifty pence?

  5. Cat Facts facts title

    The Facts About the Cat Facts Prank

    Has your phone started receiving text messages containing fun, informative cat facts from an unknown number? Have you found yourself unable to unsubscribe, and the cat facts just keep on coming? Then you may be someone’s dumb friend or relative in the latest prank to hit the internet.

    The prank got popular last week when someone posted a series of phone screenshots to Reddit with the title, “So my little cousin posted on FB that he was bored and gave everyone his new phone number…

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  6. Eddie Murphy

    Eddie Murphy’s Lost Oscar Host Notes

    Enter in red leather tuxedo to orchestral medley of “Axel F” by Harold Faltermeyer and “Party All The Time.”

    (Wait 10-20 minutes for standing ovation to die down.)

    Parody ideas:
    The Fartist
    Digitally insert me—as The Klump family—into The Artist.
    Subtitle: “Black and white just got blacker.” Rip farts. Silent but deadly!

    War Donkey
    Put Donkey from Shrek into footage from War Horse.
    Sample dialogue:
    Donkey: Run into Nazi territory? Aw, hell naw! Do I look like a dumb horse? I’m a donkey, honky!

    Fat Albert Nobbs
    Bill Cosby will be PISSED. That alone makes it worth it.

    The Help 2: Trading Places
    “Where’s my grits, Emma Stone?”

    Read Eddie’s monologue jokes. »

  7. Nate Smith with tangled headphones

    How to Instantly Untangle Your Headphones

    Got tangled earbuds? Just double-pump them and you’re done! Slacktory’s Nate Smith shows you how!

    See the instant trick the headphone industry doesn’t want you to know! »

  8. cultural universals banner

    How the Internet Fails at Culture

    Anthropologists acknowledge a long list of concepts and phenomena found in every observable human culture — like units of time, disapproval of rape, a word for faces, etiquette, the concept of magic.

    Let’s see how the internet does with these concepts!

    For example! »

  9. Robot schlong

    Tumblr Tag Trend: Robots With Boners

    Tumblr’s still like a cool guy that won’t bitch about watching romantic comedies with you [straight guys: substitute "girl" and "playing video games". Demographic humor]. A comedian says there should be more posts tagged “robots with boners” so Tumblr’s editorial director reblogs it and by the next morning there are lots of robots with boners (NSFW duh).

  10. Gawker logo

    Matt Jurns Reads a Blog: Gawker

    Matt Jurns studied library science at Kent State University. We made him read blogs for the first time. Today he reads Gawker.

    What is Gawker’s deal? I know what Gawker Media does, and I know what each of the blogs in its extended family do; but Gawker itself is baffling. Is it just all the stuff that doesn’t fit into the niches of the other sites? Is it Nick Denton’s Tumblr?

    I know it says ‘gossip’; but that seems so vague as to be meaningless. Even the ‘about’ page doesn’t describe it, it just has a supercut of people on the news saying ‘’. It reads like an everything bagel tastes, there are so many things that I can’t pick out what’s going on. This isn’t my write-up, I’m genuinely confused.

    Discussion question: When did you stop reading Gawker, and how many times has its readership doubled since?

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